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Agecotel Day 2: Culinary Mastery and Artistic Flair in Full Swing!

Agecotel Day 2: Culinary Mastery and Artistic Flair in Full Swing!

Agecotel Day 2: Culinary Mastery and Artistic Flair in Full Swing! The second day of Agecotel unfolded with a spectacular display of culinary mastery and artistic creativity. The morning kicked off with the "One and One Make Three" competition, where participants showcased their ingenuity under the watchful eye of ambassador Philippe Joannes, a discerning member of the jury. This competition seamlessly blended creative brilliance with a commitment to reducing waste, providing a mesmerizing experience for the audience.

Throughout the day, artisan bakers and pastry chefs took center stage with an extraordinary culinary demonstration – an ambitious attempt to break the world record for the largest "pain bagnat." This impressive feat not only highlighted their technical skill but also underscored their passion for the craft, guided by the insightful leadership of the Federation of Bakery and Pastry of 06, led by Mr. Gilles Dutto.

At booth B41, members of the International-Club Les Toques Blanches delighted visitors with an unmatched showcase of talent. The menu featured dishes that were not just delicious but also artistically presented, leaving a lasting impression on even the most discerning palates.

In the VIP area, chefs continued to captivate guests with unique and refined creations. An exclusive gastronomic experience was unveiled, generating excitement among aficionados of high gastronomy in attendance.

This promising day sets the stage for an exhilarating final day at the Palais des Expositions for Agecotel – a day filled with discoveries and emotions, where culinary excellence will once again take the spotlight.