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Duty Free and Travel Retail Product Test and Review

Celebrate informed choices with Emirates Magazine's Duty Free and Travel Retail Product Test and Review. Emirates Magazine is your trusted source for comprehensive insights into the world of Duty Free and Travel Retail with our dedicated Product Test and Review section. Our expert team has rigorously evaluated an array of products from the esteemed brands listed below, meticulously examining each one to provide invaluable guidance to buyers, helping them make well-informed purchasing decisions and facilitating their quest for high-quality products. Brands send us products for testing. This allows the airport to have an opinion on the products they want to highlight in duty-free shops, and the shopping center to have an informed opinion on a product they would like to feature in a mall. Every year, brands send us products for us to test. 

Product Test: FlyWithWine Petite 8-Bottle | V.3 VinGardeValise

Are you a wine enthusiast who loves to travel but dreads the thought of leaving...

Product Test: Stockspirits’ Amundsen Vodka – An Ode to Antarctic Purity

Stockspirits' Amundsen vodka is much more than just a spirit; it's a true celebration of...

Product Test: Dr. LEVY Switzerland Pollution Shield Skincare Finisher

In an era where protecting our skin from environmental aggressors is more crucial than ever...

Product Test: Sophie’s Garden EXFOLIANT Phyto Cellulaire

Revitalize Your Skin with a Refreshing Detox Effect If you're on the hunt for a...

Product Test: MIMITIKA Self-Tanning Face Cream, A Natural Glow All Year Round

Are you dreaming of a radiant, sun-kissed complexion even when the weather isn't cooperating? Look...

Product Test: Antica Sambuca Classic, A Journey into Anise Elegance

When it comes to Italian spirits, there's one name that stands out for its tradition...

Product Test: Perledisole CARAMELLE AL GUSTO DI LIMONE, A True Citrus Feast

There's never a wrong time to enjoy refreshing treats. Recently, we had the opportunity to...

Product Test of Taylor’s Fine Tawny: A Fruity and Smooth Experience

When it comes to Port wine, Taylor's is a benchmark for quality and tradition. Taylor’s...