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News Emirates: DXB Secures Its Ninth Consecutive Title as World Busiest International Airport

If you've recently passed through DXB, you're probably well aware of the bustling atmosphere that defines this renowned airport, and your observation is spot-on.

DXB has once again claimed the prestigious title of the world's busiest international airport, marking its ninth consecutive victory, according to ACI World. In their annual report, ACI World revealed that Dubai's premier airport hosted the highest number of international passengers worldwide.

In the year 2022, DXB warmly welcomed a staggering total of 66,069,981 passengers, an astonishing 127 percent increase compared to the previous year. The last quarter of the year was particularly remarkable, witnessing an astounding 19,729,155 passengers passing through its gates, marking the busiest period since the pre-pandemic era of 2019.

ACI World's report also examined airports worldwide with the highest total passenger numbers, and DXB clinched the fifth spot in this category. It followed four major U.S.-based airports known for their extensive domestic travel: Atlanta (ATL), Dallas/Fort Worth TX (DFW), Denver (DEN), and Chicago (ORD).


DXB's claim to the title of the world's most international passengers is aptly grounded in its extensive network. DXB connects to 229 destinations spanning 99 countries, serviced by over 88 international carriers.

Wondering which destinations are most favored by travelers? In terms of volume, India topped the list with 9.8 million passengers in the past year, followed by Saudi Arabia with 4.9 million passengers. Additionally, 2022 witnessed 4.6 million passengers bound for the UK and 3.7 million embarking on flights to Pakistan.

The trajectory continues to point upward in 2023, as CEO of Dubai Airports, Paul Griffiths, anticipates, "DXB is forecasted to welcome 78 million passengers this year."

If you're eager to witness DXB secure its tenth consecutive title as the world's busiest international airport, consider booking a flight to one of these short-break destinations during the upcoming Eid holiday.