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Micannes: The Artists of June 5th
Micannes: The Artists of June 5th

The Micannes stage hosted a variety of emerging and talented artists on June 5th, captivating the audience with their unique and electrifying performances. Here’s an overview of the artists who made this night unforgettable.

LAMOUR (France)


LAMOUR, a French pop-rock band, set the stage on fire with their sincere and energetic approach. Their music combines elements of lascivious rock with sensitive and provocative ballads, all wrapped in electronic productions reminiscent of the famous labels Factory Records and Rough Trade. LAMOUR’s sharp electric guitar, accompanied by sensitive and irreverent lyrics, captivated the audience. Their texts, rich in sarcasm and surreal humor, are carried by a crooner's voice with contagious punk energy. After opening for Peter Doherty and Frédéric Lo in France, including a performance at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, LAMOUR finally unveiled their first EP, promising exciting new musical adventures.

Frankie (United Kingdom)


Frankie, a 19-year-old indie pop artist, charmed the audience with her lyrical songs inspired by artists such as Lorde, Gracie Abrams, and Phoebe Bridgers. Growing up in London, she infuses her music with the city's heartbeat, with a special emphasis on storytelling and poetry. Her love for lyricism, influenced by Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift, is evident in her recent releases like "knees" and "growing pains". Frankie has already attracted attention from BBC Introducing, with her track "landmine" aired on BBC Radio. Her live performances, influenced by her love of musical theatre, have been praised at her gigs at The Troubadour and The Basement Door. Her latest EP continues to showcase her talent and growing potential.

Ofé (France)


Ofé, an energetic French artist, has shaken up French indie pop with her extravagant tracks that blend electronic sounds, dreamy lyrics, and hypnotic melodies. Inspired by bands like Archive and Radiohead as well as Alain Bashung, Ofé captivates from the first seconds of her performances. Her debut EP "Monde Imaginaire", released this spring, includes seven tracks that promise to transport the listener to a unique and enchanting soundscape. Her stage presence and overflowing creativity have made her an essential artist on the French indie pop scene.

Nadav Sivan (Israel)


Nadav Sivan, an Israeli singer, songwriter, musician, and dancer, has won over audiences with his unique blend of emotional piano ballads and pure pop with electronic, hip-hop, and Middle Eastern influences. Partially deaf until the age of four, Nadav overcame this challenge and became an accomplished classical pianist before venturing into composing his own music. His debut album "Til the Day we Die", released in 2023, is a collection of nine tracks blending charm, melody, and a touch of swagger. His music videos, especially those for "Us to Stop", have won numerous awards at film festivals worldwide and have nearly 90,000 views on YouTube. After a sold-out show in Tel Aviv and showcases in Singapore and Bangkok, Nadav Sivan continues to enchant international audiences with his striking visual and musical performances.

The performances on June 5th at Micannes were a true celebration of musical diversity and artistic innovation. LAMOUR, Frankie, Ofé, and Nadav Sivan each brought their unique touch, creating an unforgettable evening for all attendees. Each of these artists, with their talent and energy, left an indelible mark on the Micannes stage