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Select: The essential Venetian Aperitif

Amidst the delights of Venice, one brand has firmly established itself as a true icon of the aperitif world: Select. With its prominent presence at TFWA 2023, Select reaffirms its indispensable position in the realm of spirits and liqueurs. Let's delve into this Venetian treasure, born from the infusion of sweet and bitter oranges combined with a carefully selected array of 30 herbs and roots, and its essential role in the famous Spritz cocktail.

Venetian Elegance Captured in a Bottle

Select embodies the essence of Venice, a city renowned for its timeless charm and refined way of life. This liqueur is the result of a closely guarded recipe, passed down through generations. It begins with a meticulous infusion of sweet and bitter oranges, imparting Select with its distinctive character, harmoniously blending the sweetness with the zest of citrus.

To perfect this elixir, Select incorporates a unique blend of 30 carefully chosen herbs and roots. It is this precise combination that gives Select its smooth and harmonious taste, an invitation to an unforgettable gustatory journey into the heart of Venice.

The Aperitif of Choice for the Famous Spritz

Among the numerous uses of Select, its contribution to the renowned Spritz cocktail is perhaps the most iconic. The Spritz is a classic Venetian aperitif, a symbol of conviviality and relaxation. By mixing Select with sparkling prosecco and a touch of soda, you create the perfect Spritz, a light and refreshing drink that embodies the Venetian way of life.

The combination of Select with prosecco and soda creates a balanced flavor palette, blending the delicate bitterness of bitter orange with the sweetness of sweet orange. All of this is enhanced by a gentle effervescence, creating an exceptional gustatory experience.

Selection at TFWA 2023

Select's participation in TFWA 2023 is a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover this exceptional Venetian liqueur. Industry professionals and enlightened enthusiasts will have the chance to taste Select, learn more about its fascinating history, and explore the many ways to savor it.

At this prestigious event, Select will continue to captivate palates worldwide with its refined taste and versatility. Whether enjoyed neat, in a refreshing Spritz, or in the creation of innovative cocktails, Select is ready to take you on a gustatory journey that evokes all the splendor of Venice.

In conclusion, Select remains a true icon of Venetian aperitifs, and its presence at TFWA 2023 is a must for spirits aficionados and connoisseurs to discover or rediscover this liqueur that embodies the elegance and tradition of Venice. An invitation to the Italian way of life awaits, one sip at a time.

Website: https://gruppomontenegro.com/brand/spirits/