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Exploring Strategies for Non-Aeronautical Revenue: TFWA Airport Forum Workshop 2023

The TFWA Airport Forum in 2023 is poised to explore the ongoing efforts to secure the future of non-aeronautical revenue as the industry continues its recovery.

The session will center around the Airport Council International ANARA (Airports Non-Aeronautical Activities) working group, which has united the industry to share experiences and intelligence regarding best practices at airports. Delegates will gain insights from members of this group as they discuss their recommendations aimed at establishing an equitable and sustainable business model.

Additionally, during the workshop, a new report commissioned by TFWA and conducted by the esteemed global consultancy firm Kearney will be presented. This report will delve into strategies to ensure that the duty-free and travel retail sector remains an appealing investment opportunity for both brands and retailers.

The roster of speakers at the TFWA Airport Forum includes Svetlana Simeonova, Head of Commercial at Fraport Twin Star and ANARA coordinator; Isabel Zarza, CEO Southern Europe at Dufry; Fraser Brown, Retail Director at London Heathrow Airport; and Alex Liu, Managing Partner and Chairman at Kearney.

Svetlana Simeonova, Head of Commercial, Fraport Twin Star, and ANARA Coordinator Fraser Brown, Retail Director, London Heathrow Airport Isabel Zarza, CEO Southern Europe, Dufry Alex Liu, Managing Partner and Chairman, Kearney