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Sunseeker London Group Sets Sail for Monaco Yacht Show 2023!

Sunseeker London Group Sets Sail for Monaco Yacht Show 2023!

The prestigious principality of Monaco once again becomes the epicenter of the yachting world as the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 takes center stage. The Sunseeker London Group, synonymous with luxury and innovation in the yachting industry, proudly returns to this illustrious event. With four exceptional Sunseeker Yachts gracing the show, including three at anchor outside Port Hercule, they invite you to experience the epitome of maritime excellence.

A Grand Showcase: Sunseeker Yachts at the Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is renowned for showcasing the world's finest vessels, and the Sunseeker London Group is no exception. Here are the exquisite Sunseeker Yachts that will be on display at the show:

Hawk 38 “NEVER ENOUGH”: This sleek and powerful Sunseeker Hawk 38 is a true head-turner, representing the pinnacle of speed and style on the water.

Brand New 88 Yacht: Witness the launch of Sunseeker's latest masterpiece, the 88 Yacht, where luxury meets innovation in an unparalleled fashion.

95 Yacht “LADY N”: The 95 Yacht "LADY N" is a statement of luxury, offering ample space and a wealth of amenities for an exceptional yachting experience.

100 Yacht “MAJIC”: The 100 Yacht "MAJIC" combines elegance and performance in a harmonious blend that captivates all who step aboard.

Yachts at Anchor: Exclusive Viewing Opportunities

In addition to the yachts displayed at the show, the Sunseeker London Group presents three remarkable vessels at anchor, offering guests the opportunity to explore their splendor in an intimate setting:

100 Yacht “SCORPION”: "SCORPION" embodies luxury and innovation, making her a true gem among superyachts.

28m Yacht “KUDOS”: The 28-meter "KUDOS" is a testament to Sunseeker's commitment to excellence, showcasing both style and functionality.

40m Yacht “ANYA”: "ANYA" offers a world of luxury and comfort, with spacious interiors and a commitment to detail that sets her apart.

Book Your Appointment

To embark on a personal journey to view these exceptional Sunseeker Yachts and to discuss charter options, contact the Sunseeker London Group by emailing info@sunseekercharters.com.

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 is a celebration of maritime excellence, and the Sunseeker London Group is proud to be a part of this prestigious event. Whether you're a seasoned yachtsman or a novice enthusiast, don't miss the opportunity to experience the finest yachts that the Sunseeker brand has to offer.

Prepare to be enthralled by the craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury that define the Sunseeker experience. Your journey into the world of yachting begins with the Sunseeker London Group at the Monaco Yacht Show.