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Erik Juul-Mortensen Statement Ahead of TFWA 2023 World Exhibition & Conference

With the participation of some of the industry most prominent names, the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference is set this year to further solidify its status as a flagship event on the duty-free and travel retail calendar. We will be welcoming world-renowned brands and numerous regular exhibitors, as well as 88 new and returning participants across all product categories.

"In 2023, we have even more fabulous spaces at our disposal, including the newly added Majestic Beach Village, and the exhibition will span over 25,000 square meters, setting a record for this event. Initial indications show that the industry has not lost any of its enthusiasm to join us in Cannes, and we also expect visitor numbers to reach, if not exceed, 2019 levels.

"With such a remarkable lineup, operators attending with larger delegations than ever before, and fueled by the unique energy of this event, this will be a trade show that sets new standards in the industry. Thank you for your continued support of the sector, and we look forward to welcoming you for another wonderful week on the French Riviera!

Erik Juul-Mortensen, President of TFWA