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New Emirates: Activities Await You at Dubai International Airport This Month

New Emirates: Activities Await You at Dubai International Airport This Month

You're all set, bags packed, and you've got your favorite snacks ready to roll at Dubai International Airport (DXB). It's an exhilarating time, and you're raring to go.

But there's no need for any dull moments before your flight. DXB has an abundance of exciting experiences to keep you and your companions entertained.

Whether you're on the hunt for fantastic shopping deals, a quick caffeine boost, or a soothing pre-flight pint, DXB has it all.

So, check in, relax, and let us guide you through the best activities at Dubai Airport this month:

1. Fuel Up with Free Coffee There's something even better than coffee: free coffee! In celebration of Costa's 50th anniversary, Costa Coffee is offering a slew of rewards. Download the Costa Coffee Club loyalty app, and you'll receive 1,000 beans, halfway to a free barista-made drink. Download, save, and savor that coffee. As part of the 50th anniversary celebration, Costa also introduces new drinks, including the dalgona, passion fruit coffee lemonade, mini vanilla macchiato, and caramel mocha Spanish latte. Delightful! Locations: Terminals 1, 2 & 3.

2. Get Your Currency To-Go with Travelex Skip the queues at the airport and save precious minutes before your vacation by ordering foreign currency online for pickup at the airport through Travelex. This well-established company is all about simplifying your experience. With 15 stores at DXB, you can't miss them. Place your order from the comfort of your home at travelexae.com and pick up your sanitized currency with UV technology at DXB. With over 60 currencies available, you can focus on enjoying a burger or sipping on some grape before your flight. Location: All terminals.

3. Enjoy a Chair Massage at Be Relax Short on time? No worries. In addition to various table treatments, Be Relax offers chair massages to relieve stress and tension without the worry of missing your flight. You can choose from 15-, 20-, 30-, 45-, and 60-minute slots, targeting areas like the back, neck, shoulders, arms, face, head, or feet. Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

4. Treat Yourself to a Burger-Shake Combo at Tranzeet You're on vacation, so it's time to indulge. Calories don't count at the airport, right? Treat yourself this month with a fantastic deal at Tranzeet. Enjoy one of their mouthwatering burgers paired with a monster milkshake as a special combo. Options include the Tranzeet burger for Dhs99, the smokey house burger deal for Dhs129, and the loaded burger version for Dhs149 (complete with jack cheese, crispy bacon, fried egg, creamed mushrooms, onions, and more). Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

5. Satisfy Your Pizza Craving at The Gallery Feeling peckish before your flight, and airplane snacks seem far away? Look no further than The Gallery. Pizza lovers are in for a treat with a special combo deal. Order a margherita or Americana pizza along with a bottle of red or white grape, all for Dhs199. In a hurry? Grab a margherita or Americana pizza with two glasses of grape for Dhs99. Not in the mood for food? Enjoy discounts on your second and third refills of house grape, selected draft and bottled hops, and mixed drinks. Location: Available in The Gallery, Cadiz – Ahlan Lounge, Sky Bar, and DIH West & East Side Bars. Concourse B & C, Terminal 3.

6. Shop for Messi Merchandise at Hard Rock Cafe If you're a fan of burgers, brews, and iconic t-shirts, it's time to head over to Hard Rock Cafe DXB. This renowned spot in the airport has an even bigger reason to visit now. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the global burger brand has partnered with Argentine football legend Lionel Messi, offering a range of limited-edition merchandise. Look for the 50th anniversary logo and Messi's iconic symbols, such as the lion and the number ten, while enjoying your meal. Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

7. Relax in Style at Marhaba Lounge If you've been hustling all day and prefer to skip the shops, Marhaba Lounge is the perfect place to unwind with a good book, a glass of grape, and a bite to eat. Regardless of your airline or travel class, you can enjoy Marhaba's lounges, found in every terminal at DXB. Inside, you'll discover a bar, buffet, and business facilities. Price: Varies. All terminals.

8. Refresh Your Wardrobe at H&M Did you accidentally have a ketchup mishap or break your sunglasses before leaving the airport? Don't fret. H&M's branch at DXB may not offer a full range of undergarments and swimwear (we wish), but it's a lifesaver if you need a quick jumper or a fresh pair of shorts on the go, thanks to its condensed selection of the latest collections. Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

9. Explore the Brand-New Adidas Store Are you an Adidas enthusiast or in need of new sportswear for your trip? DXB's first Adidas store is now open in Terminal 3 B-Gates. This shop has all your sporting needs covered, from sportswear and Adidas Originals to running gear. You can also find dedicated Dubai-themed tees, perfect for post-holiday wear. Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

10. Savor a Specialty Coffee at FIX Need your cup of Joe before your flight? You're not alone. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, head to FIX for a unique coffee experience. This specialty coffee company offers six different brewing methods, using beans sourced from Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Colombia. The choices include syphon, chemex, V60, aeropress, kalita, and cold drip. Your caffeine fix awaits. Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

11. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Candylicious Candylicious is a vast, open-plan sweet shop filled predominantly with Hershey's and Reese's products. Need we say more? Find edible souvenirs, gummies, chocolates, and a massive central pick-and-mix bar. Hello, jelly worms and fizzy cola bottles. Remember, sweets are not just for kids; they're for travelers too. Location: Concourse B, Terminal 3.

12. Begin Your Day with a Smile at Dubai International Hotel Have you booked a room at Dubai International Hotel to ensure you arrive at your flight feeling refreshed and punctual? It's breakfast time! As they say, it's the most important meal of the day, and there's a special room service deal waiting for you. Choose a full international breakfast for Dhs99, featuring two eggs cooked to your preference, served with veal sausages, bacon, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, avocado, and hash browns, alongside a bakery basket (croissant and Danish) or a warm breakfast bread basket (toast and bread rolls). Feeling the Middle Eastern vibes? Opt for the Arabic breakfast for Dhs89, which includes two eggs, halloumi, foul medames, labneh, hummus, olives, and Arabic bread, accompanied by cereals, fruit, coffee, and juices. Location: Dubai International Hotel.

13. Take a Nap at World of Wellness If you've been missing out on sleep due to work commitments, it's time to visit the brand-new World of Wellness at Terminal 3, C-Gates. In addition to relaxing treatments like massages, manicures, and facials, you can enhance your natural beauty with a bit of shut-eye. Try out the Go Sleep sleep cabin, which includes a phone charger, because busy people often have low batteries, and nobody wants a powerless phone on the go. The sleep cabins are available for Dhs100 (one hour), Dhs150 (two hours), Dhs200 (three hours), and Dhs250 (four hours), ensuring you find the perfect rest option. Location: Concourse C, Terminal 3.

Dubai International Airport has you covered with a wide range of exciting activities and experiences to make your journey even more memorable. Enjoy your time at DXB!