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Bringing cultures and cocktails together: the hidden gems of Dubai!

Bringing cultures and cocktails together: the hidden gems of Dubai!

7 Tales: A Secret Worth Sharing

In Dubai's landscape of speakeasy bars, you usually find two kinds: the hidden gems that few discover and the buzzing hotspots that everyone flocks to. Celebrity chef Jason Atherton's "secret" bar, 7 Tales, falls into the latter category. Perched above his new City Social restaurant, this bar embraces the limelight and promises an experience worth sharing. For the full review of 7 Tales, click here.

Brooklyn Bar: A Fusion of Geordie, Dubai, and New York

Imagine a bar that blends the essence of a Geordie, the vibrancy of Dubai, and the spirit of New York – that's Brooklyn Bar. Nestled discreetly within Al Barsha's Elite Byblos Hotel, this unexpected amalgamation of cultures somehow works seamlessly. Created by the team behind Dubai's renowned Crown & Lion, Brooklyn Bar stands as a testament to cultural harmony. For the full review of Brooklyn Bar, click here.

Eden: Where Nature Meets Urban Elegance

Perched atop the Dubai Opera and embraced by the iconic Burj Khalifa, Eden offers a location that few can rival. This oasis of tranquility beautifully marries the lushness of its garden setting with the modernity that defines the UAE. A testament to the harmonious blend of nature and contemporary aesthetics that Dubai is known for. For the full review of Eden, click here.

Roaring Rabbit: A Hidden Gem on the Palm

Tucked away within the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on the Palm's eastern side, Roaring Rabbit is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Despite the resort's vastness, locating this bar might require a bit of exploration, but the moment you find it, you'll be captivated by its charm and elegance. For the full review of Roaring Rabbit, click here.

SOON Izakaya: An Anime-Inspired Hideaway

In the basement of JLT's Armada Tower 2 lies a new gem named SOON Izakaya. Drawing inspiration from Japanese anime and 1980s Tokyo, this bar adds a unique touch to one of Dubai's liveliest neighborhoods. Its fusion of culture and ambiance makes it a standout destination. To read our full review of SOON Izakaya, click here.

Above Eleven: Elevated Nightlife by the Gulf

While Palm West Beach is known as a daytime hotspot, Above Eleven takes the nightlife experience to new heights. Situated on the 15th floor (not the 12th as you might assume), this rooftop bar offers sweeping views over the Gulf and the beach below. Its extensive drink menu and stunning ambiance create an unforgettable al fresco date night. To read our full review of Above Eleven, click here.

Blind Tiger: Elegance Above Turtle Lagoon

Perched above the Turtle Lagoon at Jumeirah Al Naseem, Blind Tiger presents itself as an upscale sundowner spot. Opening from 5pm until 2am, this bar offers a refined setting for pre-dinner drinks. With its moody décor, mirrored tables, and plush seating, Blind Tiger provides an elegant escape. To read our full review of Blind Tiger, click here.

The Irish Vicker's: An Authentic Irish Pub Experience

While Irish pubs can be found worldwide, The Irish Vicker's in Downtown Dubai stands as a prime example of the genre. With its unmistakable charm, warm atmosphere, and a location that mirrors the sentiment, this pub offers a genuine Irish experience. To read our full review of The Irish Vicker's, click here.

Ergo: Trendy Vibes for Meaningful Conversations

For those seeking both vibrant tunes and deep conversations, Ergo offers the ideal venue. A trendy spot that strikes the balance between lively music and reasonable noise levels, Ergo is perfect for connecting with friends while enjoying the atmosphere. To read our full review of Ergo, click here.

Terra Solis: Tomorrowland's Dubai Oasis

Terra Solis, the world's first Tomorrowland hotel, redefines the pool club experience in Dubai. Set in the desert, this resort merges the energy of the EDM music scene with the UAE's unique surroundings. A haven for party enthusiasts, Terra Solis brings a touch of Tomorrowland's magic to the desert landscape. To read our full review of Terra Solis, click here.

Venus Beach Club: Italian Flair in Dubai

Venus Beach Club at Caesars Palace on Bluewaters brings the essence of Italy to Dubai. With its relaxed vibe and emphasis on enjoying life's pleasures, this beach club offers a Mediterranean escape. Whether you're seeking sunshine, good food, or laid-back vibes, Venus Beach Club has it all. To read our full review of Venus Beach Club, click here.

McCafferty's Wafi: Irish Charm with Spanish Roots

While Dubai boasts various Irish pubs, McCafferty's chain, hailing from Ireland via Spain, has won the hearts of the city's residents. Known for its charm and warm ambiance, this Irish pub has expanded to multiple locations across Dubai since its inception in 2021. To read our full review of McCafferty's Wafi, click here.

Sala De Cigar: Niche Elegance in Mirdif

Sala De Cigar, nestled in Millennium Place Hotel Mirdif, caters to cigar aficionados. With its dimly lit, old boys' club ambiance and curated decor, this lounge offers a refined experience reminiscent of a posh university common area. To read our full review of Sala De Cigar, click here.

TIKI’S Rooftop Bar: Polynesian Chic in JLT

Perched atop Canary Club in JLT, TIKI's Rooftop Bar exudes Polynesian chic. Crafted by the minds behind The MAINE, this bar captures the essence of its theme perfectly, providing an immersive experience under the stars. To read our full review of TIKI's Rooftop Bar, click here.

Caña by Tamoka: Beachside Paradise at JBR

Caña by Tamoka brings a slice of Latin American paradise to JBR's beachfront. Overlooking iconic Dubai landmarks, this beach bar offers a unique venue for enjoying a refreshing drink while sinking your toes into the sand. To read our full review of Caña by Tamoka, click here.

Ongaku: Tokyo Vibes in Dubai

Ongaku, meaning "music" in Japanese, transports you to a Tokyo-inspired bar within CLAP, a popular Japanese restaurant. Contrasting with CLAP's ambiance, Ongaku offers neon lights, house music, and a vibrant atmosphere, making it a distinct venue for quality drinks and food. To read our full review of Ongaku, click here.

San Beach: Beach Club Bliss on Palm West Beach

As a beach club destination, Palm West Beach reigns supreme, and at its south end, The Club boasts a collection of beach clubs. With their unique identities and access to a sprawling party pool, these beach clubs redefine beachside relaxation. To read our full review of San Beach, click here.

Factory Bar + Kitchen by McGettigan’s: Fuss-Free Fun

McGettigan's, a well-loved name, is synonymous with casual vibes, lively brunches, and live sports. Factory Bar + Kitchen by McGettigan's carries on this tradition of delivering fuss-free fun, catering to those seeking a good time. To read our full review of Factory Bar + Kitchen by McGettigan's, click here.

53: Elevating Dinner and Show Experiences

Sheraton Grand Hotel's 53 offers a unique dinner and show experience on the city's 53rd floor. In a competitive scene, this venue distinguishes itself by reaching a top-tier standing through its blend of entertainment and dining. To read our full review of 53, click here.

Knox: A Creative Haven for the Cool Crowd

In the footsteps of the Andaz hotel, KnoX emerges as a hidden bar for creatives. With events like Karak Nights, it attracts Dubai's "cool crowd," offering a distinctive venue where creativity thrives. To read the full review of Knox, click here.

P7: Dubai's Underground Gem

Dubai's nightlife scene often leans toward glitz and glamour, leaving limited space for alternative events. P7, a physical and metaphorical underground venue in Media City, breaks the mold by hosting unique occasions in a cool and gritty atmosphere. To read the full review of P7, click here.

Papillon: Provocative Passion in a Dinner Show

Papillon's dinner show, set at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, embodies provocative, punchy, and passionate entertainment. Transforming the former Asia de Cuba Dubai space, Papillon promises an exceptional evening out. To read the full review of Papillon, click here.

The Mansion: FIVE Jumeirah Village's Nightlife Jewel

FIVE Jumeirah Village enters the nightlife scene with its nightclub, The Mansion. The first late-night club in Jumeirah Village Circle, The Mansion adds a touch of glamour and excitement to the area's entertainment options. To read the full review of The Mansion, click here.

AURA Skypool: An Instagram-Worthy Sky Island

AURA Skypool's popularity soared thanks to its "island in the sky" concept, capturing the imagination of Dubai's Instagram community. With its stunning poolside photo opportunities, AURA Skypool stands as a must-visit destination since its opening in December. To read the full review of AURA Skypool, click here.

Behind The Yellow Door: The Art of Being Secret

A "secret" bar often straddles the line between cool concept and anonymity. Behind The Yellow Door, however, manages to achieve the perfect balance. This discreet venue preserves its sense of mystery while offering a memorable experience. To read the full review of Behind The Yellow Door, click here.

KOYO: Where Surprises Await

KOYO, hidden within InterContinental Dubai Marina's basement carpark, surprises and delights its visitors. Vibrant, unique, and utterly captivating, KOYO delivers an experience that will leave you with a grin from ear to ear. To read the full review of KOYO, click here.

The Green Room: Soho Garden's Hidden Retreat

Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah's hidden gem, The Green Room, adds a touch of intrigue to Dubai's nightlife scene. Offering a secretive ambiance, The Green Room embraces the concept of exclusive and mysterious settings. To read the full review of The Green Room, click here.

These latest bar reviews from Dubai showcase the city's diverse and ever-evolving nightlife scene, where each venue offers a unique experience waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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