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Press Release Emirates UAE: OTTera Enhances TCL New North American Service with FAST Channels and VOD Content

OTTera Enhances TCL New North American Service with FAST Channels and VOD Content

Los Angeles, August 24, 2023 – OTTera, a leader in FAST channel playout and OTT application solutions, and TCL, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands and a leading display technology innovator, are thrilled to announce the extension of their partnership to deliver an exceptional streaming experience through OTTera's StreamBridge™ service. This strategic collaboration aims to bring an extensive library of Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) channels and Video-On-Demand (VOD) content to TCL customers, providing a diverse range of options for TCLtv+, a free service for all TCL TV owners that allows viewers to access a wide variety of complimentary entertainment programming.

TCL's new service will focus on programming through their premium multi-channel streaming platform. Since launching in North America, TCL has been laser focused on becoming one of the most popular electronics brands with their award-winning product lineup. TCLtv+ will offer a wide range of FAST channels, of which, OTTera will provide a number of services, allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows, news, sports, and more without the need for a subscription. Additionally, users will have access to a vast library of VOD content, providing a wide selection of movies, television series, and exclusive programming at their fingertips.

"With boundless enthusiasm, we forge ahead in deepening our alliance with TCL, delivering a symphony of captivating and enlightening channels, as well as an array of thrilling VOD offerings, embracing their ever-growing audience in the USA," exclaimed Stephen L. Hodge, CEO at OTTera. "Our collaboration with TCL shall transcend the ordinary, venturing into the realm of innovation, leveraging enthralling and interactive technologies to elevate the entertainment experience to unprecedented heights!"

OTTera, renowned for its wide array of captivating content, will provide a vast selection of channels across various genres, including content tailored for Spanish-speaking consumers and families in the United States. This collaboration offers consumers an enhanced and customized streaming experience. By incorporating FAST channels and VOD content into TCL's upcoming service, advertisers can connect with viewers through precise ad positioning, while content creators will enjoy greater exposure and more opportunities to monetize their work.

“As a top 2 best-selling TV brand in the U.S. for four consecutive years, TCL is constantly innovating while leveraging our strength in manufacturing and fostering relationships with partners like OTTera,” said Mark Zhang, President, TCL North America. “We implement an always on, always listening approach, so we know that consumers demand more entertainment options and we’re excited to take our content library to the next level with OTTera’s new StreamBridge™ service."

“With OTTera as a trusted content partner, TCLtv+ will be launching with a broader more dynamic range of streaming channels for TCL’s award-winning smart TV lineup” said Haohong Wang, General Manager, TCL Research America. “Over the years, we have continued to raise the bar for consumers seeking the very best in entertainment experiences and this partnership with OTTera allows us to further push the boundaries of what world-class products with high-quality programming can achieve.”

OTTera and TCL's extended partnership marks an exciting development in the streaming landscape, combining technological expertise, content curation, and customer-centricity to create a compelling entertainment platform for North American audiences.

About OTTera:

OTTera is a professional white label service that allows companies to quickly launch highly customized, affordable OTT services. Based in Los Angeles, OTTera powers 600+ live application deliveries and 1.5k+ live FAST channel deliveries, with more than 300 million users worldwide. The OTTera White Label Service offers companies the latest OTT technologies with one of the widest distribution reaches on the market. For over 14 years OTTera has maintained strong partnerships with the world's largest CE manufacturers including Samsung, Vizio, Sony and Hisense.

The OTTera White Label Service is a fully managed scalable OTT service with native distribution across all major platforms including iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Roku, HTML5, Chromecast and Web. The service offers linear distribution to cable/satellite services and vMVPDs (Samsung, LG, Sling, Xumo, Pluto, etc.), as well as diverse monetization including subscription, advertising via OTTera's AdNet+ service and transactions.

About TCL:

TCL Electronics specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of consumer electronics including TVs, mobile phones, audio devices, smart home products and appliances. Combining thoughtful design and innovative technology to inspire greatness, our lineup delivers must-have features and meaningful experiences. As one of the world's largest consumer electronics brands, our vertically integrated supply chain, and state-of-the-art display panel factory help TCL deliver innovation for all.