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Micannes Panel: Exploring New Frontiers in Music and Technology
Micannes Panel: Exploring New Frontiers in Music and Technology

Cannes, June 5th, 3:00 PM - Today, within the prestigious setting of Micannes, a distinguished panel of experts in music and technology convened to explore innovative pathways reshaping the future of the music industry.

From 3:00 PM onwards, participants immersed themselves in a series of enlightening discussions spanning a wide array of topics, melding music, technology, and creativity.

The Streaming Revolution: Panelists kicked off the discourse by dissecting the impact of streaming on the music industry. They delved into the challenges and opportunities this digital revolution brings to artists, labels, and consumers alike.

Creating Connections: Emphasis was placed on the growing importance of the connection between artists and their audience. Innovative strategies for marketing and engagement were explored, highlighting the significance of social media and streaming platforms in building vibrant music communities.

Music and Artificial Intelligence: Speakers delved into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence applied to music. From computer-assisted composition to personalized playlist creation, the possibilities offered by AI were extensively explored.

Diversifying Revenue Streams: The discussion concluded with a reflection on multiple revenue sources for artists in the current music ecosystem. Alternative economic models, such as online concerts, music NFTs, and brand partnerships, were showcased as promising avenues for musicians.

Please note that general admission was required to attend this exclusive event, with a strict cap of 75 participants to ensure an intimate and interactive atmosphere.

Moderated by Isabelle Delacroix: Steering this stimulating conversation was Isabelle Delacroix, a respected figure in the music industry, bringing expertise in strategy and innovation to the fore.

Eminent Speakers Included:

  • Jean-Luc Dubois: President of an independent music label, offering a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities for emerging artists in today's music landscape.
  • Sophie Moreau: Digital content strategy expert, sharing insights on how artists can maximize their online presence and leverage new technologies to reach a global audience.
  • Pierre Lambert: Renowned sound engineer and producer, providing valuable perspectives on the evolution of recording and production techniques in the digital age.
  • Elise Durand: Lawyer specializing in copyright and intellectual property, enlightening participants on legal and regulatory issues related to music usage on digital platforms.

The event marked a pivotal moment in the ongoing dialogue about the future of the music industry, underscoring the growing importance of innovation and collaboration in shaping a vibrant and flourishing music landscape.