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RoyalJet Group Elevates Presence in the UAE with New Dubai Base

RoyalJet Group Elevates Presence in the UAE with New Dubai Base

In a strategic move to meet the soaring demand for private jet travel in the Emirates and capitalize on the impending Expo 2020, RoyalJet Group has expanded its footprint in the UAE. The premier private aviation group, known for its excellence in luxury air travel, has established a new operational base at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

RoyalJet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the esteemed Abu Dhabi-based RoyalJet Group, is already a distinguished leader in the premium private aviation sector. With existing operational bases at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Bateen International Airport, the addition of Al Maktoum International Airport further solidifies the group's commitment to providing unparalleled services across the region.

The fleet stationed at the new Dubai base comprises Boeing Business Jet VVIP Airliners and Bombardier Global 5000 corporate jets, showcasing RoyalJet's dedication to offering a diverse range of options for both business and leisure travelers. These high-end aircraft are now available for charter, allowing seamless and exclusive travel experiences directly to and from Dubai.

The strategic expansion comes at a pivotal time, aligning with the imminent opening of Expo 2020, a global event expected to draw a significant influx of visitors and dignitaries. By positioning aircraft at Al Maktoum International Airport, RoyalJet is strategically positioned to cater to the increased demand for private jet charters during this prestigious event.

RoyalJet Group's commitment to providing top-notch aviation services is reflected in this expansion, as the group continues to elevate the standards of private air travel in the UAE. The move not only caters to the current market demand but also anticipates and positions itself for the continued growth of the private aviation sector in the region. With its new operational base in Dubai, RoyalJet Group is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of luxury air travel in the Emirates.