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Swiss Filmmaker Jacqueline Zünd’s ‘Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)’ Takes Home Goes to Cannes Award
Swiss Filmmaker Jacqueline Zünd's 'Don't Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)' Takes Home Goes to Cannes Award

Swiss cinema triumphs at the Goes to Cannes event as Jacqueline Zünd's "Don't Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)" wins the coveted award. Produced by Louis Mataré and David Fonjallaz, this compelling drama explores themes of resilience and human connection in the face of extreme conditions.

Set against the backdrop of unbearable heat, the film follows the journey of its characters as they navigate the complexities of life in a dystopian world. Zünd's direction and the cast's performances bring depth and authenticity to a story that resonates with audiences on both a personal and universal level.

Selected by the Solothurn Film Festival, "Don't Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)" stands as a testament to the creativity and talent of Swiss cinema. Its recognition at Goes to Cannes further reinforces its status as a significant contribution to contemporary filmmaking.

Goes to Cannes provides a valuable platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work to industry professionals and global audiences. Supported by the Marché du Film and Sideral Cinema, this year's event celebrates the diversity and innovation of filmmakers from around the world.

Congratulations to Jacqueline Zünd and the entire team behind "Don't Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)" on this well-deserved recognition of their talent and dedication to the craft of filmmaking!