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Bellet Winemakers and Maison Tchin Tchin Collaborate at Nice’s Artisan House
Bellet Winemakers and Maison Tchin Tchin Collaborate at Nice's Artisan House

Embark on a journey of discovery at the Artisan House in Nice! Partnering with Bellet winemakers and Maison Tchin Tchin, the latest collection features unique upcycled glasses and artisanal candles, celebrating the essence of the region.

Dedicated to showcasing local talent, the Artisan House curates a diverse selection of homegrown products in its downtown boutiques.

Unveiled on May 6, the collaboration between Bellet winemakers and Maison Tchin Tchin introduces a captivating collection, including distinctive upcycled glasses and hand-poured candles.

Guillaume Etienne, founder of Maison Tchin Tchin, shares, "Our goal was to encapsulate the spirit of Bellet wines in every creation."

This collection showcases eco-friendly glasses, meticulously handcrafted from recycled bottles, available at 24.50 euros for a set of two.

Bellet Winemakers and Maison Tchin Tchin Collaborate at Nice's Artisan House

Maison Tchin Tchin worked closely with Bellet winemakers to infuse their candles with the evocative scents of the region, resulting in a sensory experience like no other.

Carine Dalmasso, president of the winemakers, emphasizes, "It's a testament to our shared commitment to representing our heritage authentically."

Priced at 35 euros each, these candles offer a fragrant journey, from delicate floral notes to rich, fruity aromas and subtle hints of spice.

Eager to explore these local treasures? Visit the Artisan House in downtown Nice, conveniently located at the Nicetoile shopping center and 34 Boulevard Jean-Jaurès.