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Bearhawk Aircraft Ramps Up Production to Meet Soaring Demand

Bearhawk Aircraft Ramps Up Production to Meet Soaring Demand

Bearhawk Aircraft, a leading manufacturer of amateur-built aircraft, has announced plans to increase production to address the surging demand for its quick-build kits. The decision comes in the wake of the remarkable momentum gained at this year's EAA AirVenture fly-in held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which has propelled Bearhawk into a backlog situation extending beyond 2022.

Specializing in high-quality kits comprising parts and assemblies essential for constructing two, four, and six-place Bearhawk aircraft, the company currently offers five models in both plan and kit forms. These include the original Bearhawk 4-Place, the two-seat Patrol, Companion and LSA, and the latest addition, Model 5, featuring seating for up to six individuals. Notably, Bearhawk's kit production operations are carried out at a company-owned facility located in Atlixco, Mexico.

The highlight of Bearhawk Aircraft's recent activities was its active participation in the EAA AirVenture fly-in, a premier event for aviation enthusiasts. Mark Goldberg, the manufacturer of Bearhawk kits, along with several members of the Bearhawk community, showcased the company's commitment to excellence in the experimental aircraft section. The exhibit featured various aircraft, prominently displaying the Model 5, the largest in Bearhawk's lineup, capable of accommodating engines with a power rating of up to 315 horsepower.

The increased production initiative aligns with Bearhawk Aircraft's dedication to meeting the rising demand for its aircraft kits, driven in part by the positive reception and interest generated at AirVenture. As the company gears up to fulfill orders and reduce the existing backlog, aviation enthusiasts can anticipate more accessible access to Bearhawk's diverse range of aircraft models, each known for its robust construction and outstanding performance.