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La Terrasse by Albane during Cannes Film Festival 2024
La Terrasse by Albane during Cannes Film Festival 2024

La Terrasse by Albane during Cannes Film Festival 2024

La Terrasse by Albane during Cannes Film Festival. During the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, from May 15th to 24th, 2024, Albane Cleret and Mauro Colagreco will host their pop-up restaurant at La Terrasse by Albane, located on the rooftops of the Croisette. This exclusive venue will provide members of the international film industry with a protected space to network and indulge in finely crafted Mediterranean cuisine.

The collaboration between these two prominent figures of the French Riviera will showcase their exceptional expertise. On one side, Albane's legendary terrace, representing her Parisian event agency and public relations firm, has enchanted the festival for over 20 years. On the other, Mauro Colagreco, the chef-owner of the triple Michelin-starred Mirazur, also recognized as the world's best restaurant in 2019, brings his culinary talent to this unique venture.

Their shared entrepreneurial spirit and passion for cinema have led to the creation of this extraordinary venue. Mauro Colagreco, a goodwill ambassador for biodiversity at the United Nations, will offer a seasonal and sustainable cuisine, sourced mainly from local producers or the Mirazur's biodynamic and permaculture gardens.

La Terrasse by Albane during Cannes Film Festival 2024

Within this enchanting setting, guests will enjoy a diverse lunch menu highlighting plant-based dishes and treasures from the sea, complemented by ethically raised meats. From starters featuring carpaccio of red prawns with Menton citrus to desserts like Menton citrus tiramisu or dulce de leche flan, every dish promises a sublime culinary journey.

La Terrasse by Albane, ideally situated overlooking the Mediterranean and close to the Palais des Festivals, will also host three exceptional evening events, blending the talents of the boundary-pushing chef and the renowned event organizer (event details are currently undisclosed).

Exclusive Culinary Experience at La Terrasse by Albane during Cannes Film Festival. This collaborative restaurant, styled by Gabriela Cortese's ethical brand Antik Batik, will celebrate local artisans and the traditions of the French Riviera. Ceramic creations by Agnès Sandahl, crafted in her Vallauris workshops, will enhance the dining experience with unique and original pieces.

Practical Information: La Terrasse by Albane - 50 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes Opening Hours: Lunch only from noon to 3 pm, daily from May 15th to 24th, 2024 Access: Reserved for members of the terrace only

About Mauro Colagreco: Mauro Colagreco, fueled by travels, discoveries, and ambitions, embodies an instinctive, generous, and environmentally conscious cuisine. Leading over 25 establishments worldwide, including the Mirazur in Menton, named the world's best restaurant in 2019, Colagreco is committed to promoting circular gastronomy and environmental sustainability.

About Circular Gastronomy: Circular gastronomy, pioneered by Mauro Colagreco in 2006, advocates for a cuisine that respects nature and resources, emphasizing local, seasonal, and organic produce. This culinary movement seeks to reconcile haute cuisine with societal engagement, prioritizing biodiversity and ecological harmony.