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10th Anniversary Edition of Egypt’s Sandbox Festival: Unveiling the Line-Up
10th Anniversary Edition of Egypt’s Sandbox Festival: Unveiling the Line-Up

10th Anniversary Edition of Egypt’s Sandbox Festival: Unveiling the Line-Up. Featuring Call Super, Chloé Caillet, Danilo Plessow (MCDE), DESIREE, Dixon, DJ Holographic, DJ Tennis, Doudou MD, Hunee, Jan Blomqvist, Paula Tape, Paul Kalkbrenner, Quest, Soichi Terada, Sweely, Traumer, TSHA + More

May 16-18th, 2024 at El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt

Egypt's premier boutique festival experience, Sandbox Festival, is set to celebrate a decade of extraordinary music on the stunning Red Sea Riviera in El Gouna from May 16-18th, 2024. This milestone edition of the music and travel extravaganza promises to reaffirm its position as a regional leader, boasting a curated lineup of established performers, visionary pioneers, and influential local and emerging artists.

For full information and tickets, visit www.sandboxfestival.com.

Sandbox Festival, curated by the renowned events and entertainment powerhouse Nacelle, stands as Egypt's foremost authority in underground music. Together, they continuously shape trends, introduce headline acts, and curate unforgettable experiences in their own domain. Their commitment to showcasing the vibrant local scene shines through meticulous attention to every detail, from lineup curation to stage production to immersive design. Central to the festival's identity is its inclusive atmosphere, drawing a diverse, global audience united by their passion for music.

This year's musical journey will feature the talents of versatile DJs such as Call Super, the dynamic Parisian instrumentalist Chloé Caillet, and the renowned soul and house aficionado Danilo Plessow, also known as MCDE. Headlining the event are internationally acclaimed figures including Dixon, the founder of Innervisions label, the electrifying DJ Holographic from Detroit, DJ Tennis of Life And Death fame, the genre-spanning Hunee, and techno luminaries Paul Kalkbrenner, TSHA, Traumer, and Paula Tape. Sandbox's eclectic spirit extends to live performances from Japan's melodic house maestro Soichi Terada, cult favorite Sweely, and many others.

Sandbox 2024 Line-Up (A-Z):
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Continuing its tradition of promoting local talent, the festival proudly welcomes regional scene leaders such as Akladios, Aly B, Aly Goede, Aroussi, Gawdat, Gazbee B2B Talaia, Hermit B2B Joey, Hot Oasis, and Husa & Zeyada (Live), among others.

Spread across uniquely crafted stages, including some nestled within the sands themselves, Sandbox Festival offers an immersive audio-visual experience. Each stage boasts its own ambiance and soundtrack, yet all are united by cutting-edge technology and top-notch sound systems, fostering a deep connection between DJs and the crowd. This year introduces an augmented beach stage and additional platforms to showcase even more local and regional talent.

Beyond music, Sandbox Festival unfolds in El Gouna, a breathtaking resort town renowned for its pristine beaches and mesmerizing Red Sea sunsets. Attendees can immerse themselves in a myriad of activities, from kite-surfing and desert excursions to diving and cultural explorations, complementing the festival experience with unforgettable adventures.

"It's truly astonishing and humbling to have built a globally recognized festival right here in Egypt. My favorite aspect of the festival is our ability to present such diverse sounds in one lineup, embraced by an appreciative crowd. Sandbox is all about distilling the essence: music and people." - Tito El Kachab (Co-Founder of Sandbox Festival / Nacelle)

Over the past decade, Sandbox Festival has evolved into a haven for music aficionados, travelers, and culture enthusiasts, embodying the innovative spirit of its creators at Nacelle. The tenth edition marks a new chapter in one of the world's most immersive electronic music experiences.