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Better World Fund Announces Women’s Empowerment Program
Witness Musical Magic and Champion Women's Empowerment at the Better World Fund Cannes Gala Imagine yourself at the heart of the Cannes Film Festival, surrounded by glittering lights and captivating energy. The Better World Fund Gala Dinner offers the perfect opportunity to mingle with fellow patrons and esteemed guests while indulging in a delectable multi-course meal prepared by a renowned chef. The evening takes a powerful turn with inspiring speeches celebrating the achievements of remarkable women who are making a difference in the world. Witness the presentation of prestigious awards that shine a light on their contributions to the cause of women's empowerment. This is a moment to be truly inspired! But the magic doesn't stop there. The night culminates with unforgettable performances by world-renowned pianist Lang Lang and acclaimed French singer-songwriter Joyce Jonathan. Immerse yourself in the electrifying artistry of Lang Lang and the captivating melodies of Joyce Jonathan. These performances promise to leave a lasting impression, making the Better World Fund Gala Dinner an experience you won't soon forget.

Better World Fund Champions Women's Empowerment at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes, France (March 8, 2024): In a thrilling development, the Better World Fund announces a program focusing on global women's empowerment at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. This special event, held May 15-16, 2024, at the Hôtel Carlton Cannes, coincides with the 60th anniversary of France-China diplomatic relations, adding a delightful layer of cultural exchange to the festivities.

Immerse Yourself in Art & Philanthropy

The two-day program promises an unforgettable experience. Imagine an immersive blend of art, culture, and philanthropy, all for a powerful cause that resonates worldwide. Proceeds from the program will benefit the Lang Lang Foundation, a remarkable organization dedicated to promoting music education and cultural exchange. This event presents a unique opportunity to support a worthy cause while experiencing the glamour and excitement of the Cannes Film Festival.

Unforgettable Program Highlights:

  • Gala Dinner: Mingle with fellow patrons and esteemed guests under the glittering lights of Cannes. Savor a delectable multi-course meal prepared by a renowned chef, followed by inspiring speeches and entertainment.
  • Performances by Lang Lang & Joyce Jonathan: Witness the electrifying artistry of world-renowned pianist Lang Lang. Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of acclaimed French singer-songwriter Joyce Jonathan. These unforgettable performances are just a taste of the program's exceptional offerings, sure to leave a lasting impression.
  • Award Ceremony: Recognize and celebrate the achievements of inspiring women who are making a difference in the world. This prestigious ceremony will shine a light on their remarkable contributions to the cause of women's empowerment. Following the ceremony, a captivating red carpet awaits.
  • Red Carpet: Feel the thrill of walking the iconic red carpet, a Cannes Film Festival tradition. Strike a pose for the cameras and embrace the glamour of this star-studded event.

A Fashionable Affair and Empowering Minds:

  • Fashion Show: Witness a dazzling display of cutting-edge fashion by renowned designers. This exclusive showcase will set the trends for the coming season. Next, delve into the world of women's empowerment.
  • Masterclass: Engage with leading experts in the field of women's empowerment during an insightful masterclass. Gain valuable knowledge and actionable steps to champion this crucial movement. Furthermore, participate in discussions with fellow attendees, forging connections and fostering a collaborative spirit.
  • Private Auction: Bid on exclusive items and experiences during a thrilling private auction. All proceeds directly benefit the Lang Lang Foundation and its mission to empower future generations through music education.

Empowering Through Music

The Better World Fund is proud to support the Lang Lang Foundation's "Keys of Inspiration" program, a revolutionary initiative transforming public school music education. By providing cutting-edge piano labs and comprehensive music programs, the program offers children from all backgrounds the chance to discover the power of music. Learning music fosters creativity, discipline, and self-expression, skills that benefit students in all aspects of their lives.

Join the Movement

The Better World Fund invites you to join this unique convergence of art and giving. Become part of something extraordinary – a celebration of women's empowerment, artistic excellence, and philanthropic impact. Together, let's make a difference, one note, one light, and one heartfelt commitment at a time.

Learn More & Register: https://www.betterworld.fund/cannes-2024