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Product Test: Cacatoès BAHIA – ORANGE FLUO – Style and Sustainability

Summer is never far, and with it comes the promise of sunny days, pristine beaches, and moments of relaxation. To accompany your summer adventures with style and comfort, we have tested the "BAHIA - ORANGE FLUO" sandals from the Cacatoès brand.

Vibrant Design:

As soon as you unpack these flip-flops, their bright fluorescent orange color catches your eye. Inspired by the Rio Carnival, these sandals embody the joy and conviviality of this iconic celebration. Their vivid hue adds a touch of cheerfulness to any summer outfit.

Exceptional Comfort:

The "BAHIA - ORANGE FLUO" sandals are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. The lightweight sole provides soft cushioning for your feet, ideal for long walks on the beach or days of shopping in the city.

Durability and Environmental Responsibility:

Cacatoès is committed to preserving the environment, and this is reflected in the design of these flip-flops. They are made from recyclable PVC, which means they are environmentally friendly. Moreover, recyclable PVC is increasingly used and recycled, contributing to reducing plastic waste.

Summer Versatility:

Whether you're planning a day at the beach, a city outing, or a casual evening with friends, the "BAHIA - ORANGE FLUO" sandals adapt perfectly to all summer occasions. Their vibrant color instantly elevates your look.


By testing Cacatoès' "BAHIA - ORANGE FLUO" sandals, we were charmed by their vibrant design, exceptional comfort, and commitment to the environment. These flip-flops are an ideal choice for those seeking both style and sustainability during the summer season.