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Papillon Srl : 40 Years of Sweet Passion

Papillon Srl at TFWA 2023: 40 Years of Sweet Passion

The TFWA 2023 edition witnessed a memorable presence with the participation of Papillon Srl, a confectionery company that has left an indelible mark on the industry for over four decades. With its iconic brands such as Papillon Caramelle, Perle di Sole, and Zucchero, Papillon Srl enchanted event attendees with its rich history of passion for sweets.

A 40-Year History of Passion

Papillon Srl, an Italian confectionery company, has a heritage dating back to 1979. For over 40 years, it has delighted palates worldwide with its exquisite sweet creations. The company has built its reputation on decades of dedication to quality, innovation, and a love for sweets.

At TFWA 2023, Papillon Srl offered event-goers a glimpse into its exceptional heritage, showcasing its ongoing passion for candies and confections. Tastings of its flagship products, Papillon Caramelle, Perle di Sole, and Zucchero, garnered admiration and delight from sweets enthusiasts worldwide. The company also introduced its latest creations and innovations, demonstrating its ability to evolve with trends while preserving its timeless quality.

A Portfolio of Unique Brands

Papillon Srl stands out with its portfolio of unique brands that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Papillon Caramelle, renowned for its artisanal candies with authentic flavors, has won the hearts of many gourmets. Perle di Sole, with its delectable chocolates-coated confections, offers an irresistible gourmet experience. Zucchero, the sugar-focused brand, provides a comprehensive range of sweetening products to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Papillon Srl's participation at TFWA 2023 was an opportunity to introduce these iconic brands to an international audience. Visitors had the chance to discover the diversity and unparalleled quality of these products, further enhancing the company's global renown.

Papillon Srl's presence at TFWA 2023 was a celebration of 40 years of passion and expertise in the realm of confections. The company captivated the senses of event attendees by showcasing its iconic brands and sharing its unwavering commitment to quality. With such a rich history and a forward-looking vision, Papillon Srl will continue to delight sweets enthusiasts worldwide for decades to come.