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Gruppo Montenegro | Italian Quality Since 1885

Gruppo Montenegro | Italian Quality Since 1885

Gruppo Montenegro Visit Website: https://gruppomontenegro.com/

Founded in 1885, Gruppo Montenegro is an Italian entrepreneurial powerhouse in the food and alcoholic beverage sectors, boasting a portfolio of iconic brands.

A Legacy of Italian Excellence

With a history dating back to the late 19th century, Gruppo Montenegro has solidified its position as a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and quality. For over a century, it has been synonymous with excellence in the food and alcoholic beverage industries.

A Diverse Portfolio

Gruppo Montenegro's portfolio encompasses a wide range of products that exemplify the essence of Italian taste and tradition. From traditional liqueurs to innovative culinary creations, the group's brands are beloved by consumers both in Italy and around the world.

TFWA 2023 Presence

Gruppo Montenegro was proudly present at TFWA 2023, showcasing its commitment to providing the world with the finest Italian food and alcoholic beverages. With a legacy of over a century of excellence, Gruppo Montenegro continues to exemplify Italian quality and innovation in the global market.