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Duty Free Global Named Exclusive Travel Retail Partner for Cazcabel Tequila

Duty Free Global proudly announces its appointment as the exclusive global travel retail partner for Cazcabel premium tequila. The stage for this exciting collaboration will be set at the TFWA World Exhibition Green Village J35, where Duty Free Global will showcase this exceptional tequila.

Founder of Duty Free Global, Barry Geoghegan, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We at Duty Free Global are delighted to partner with the wonderful team at Cazcabel, who have been exceptional at creating a world-class tequila brand in many countries around the globe. We are also delighted to see that they are creating a super brand home in Mexico, which will further showcase the brand's top credentials. We look forward to welcoming the Cazcabel team at the TFWA world show in Cannes next month."

Uziel Vazquez, Cazcabel Distillery Manager, also shared his excitement about this new venture, stating, "Cazcabel is delighted to be entering the travel retail market under the expert guidance of Duty Free Global, supported by Barry Geoghegan, John Kilmartin, and Nathalie Roelands, who now represent Cazcabel across all regions. This will further accelerate Cazcabel’s fast-growing international footprint, and we look forward to the fruits this partnership will bring in duty-free." He added, "We’re delighted to be showcasing Cazcabel to travel retailer buyers for the first time at TFWA Cannes this year."

Cazcabel is a premium tequila brand with a rich history, independently owned and led by the Vazquez family. As fourth-generation Tequileros and agave farmers, the family has honed their skills and techniques over the years in the meticulous process of agave cultivation and harvesting. This dedication has allowed them to produce high-quality tequila in an environmentally efficient manner. Cazcabel offers a diverse range of expressions, including the Blanco, oak-aged Reposado, and flavored variants like coconut, honey, and coffee, all representing the brand's commitment to excellence.

See More: https://cazcabel.com/