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Beluga, the Noble Vodka, Lights Up TFWA’s Streets

TFWA (Tax Free World Association) in Cannes is not only a meeting point for Duty Free and Retail industry professionals but also an ideal backdrop for brands who participate at TFWA looking to stand out. This year, Beluga, renowned for its noble vodka, shone particularly bright with a captivating billboard in Cannes's streets.

Strategically placed in a prime location, Beluga's billboard grabbed the attention of passersby and TFWA attendees alike. It became an unmissable landmark, drawing curious looks and praise from design enthusiasts.

The aesthetics of the billboard were simply breathtaking. It depicted Beluga's iconic bottle with its elegant design and refined details. The use of gold and white, colors associated with nobility and purity, added a touch of elegance to the overall presentation.

Beluga Noble Vodka is a true masterpiece, crafted with the utmost dedication and precision by our masters. Its exquisite, opulent flavor is the culmination of a unique composition, dominated by the finest malt spirit and the purest water. This exceptional combination contributes to the unparalleled smoothness that defines Beluga Noble Vodka.

Our commitment to perfection is exemplified by the rigorous process that our carefully selected natural ingredients undergo. They pass through a meticulous triple filtering system that ensures their purity and refinement. Subsequently, Beluga Noble is allowed to "rest" for a period of thirty days. This deliberate step is instrumental in neutralizing any harsh undertones in the spirit, while simultaneously elevating the vodka's already rich flavor profile, leaving it with a gentle and velvety finish.

In every sip of Beluga Noble Vodka, you can taste the artistry and dedication of our master distillers, resulting in a vodka of unparalleled quality and sophistication.

Discover more about Beluga Noble visit their website: https://vodka-beluga.com/