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ASUTIL Announces Dates and Venue for 2024 Conference

ASUTIL Announces Dates and Venue for 2024 Conference

The ASUTIL Conference, an important event for the duty-free and travel retail industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, has revealed the details for its 2024 edition. The 20th ASUTIL Conference will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, a vibrant and growing hub for business and tourism. This event is a significant milestone as ASUTIL continues its tradition of changing the conference's location each year, reflecting the dynamic nature of the duty-free and travel retail sector.

Carlos Loni Keel, the recently appointed ASUTIL Secretary General, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming conference in Bogotá, scheduled for June 2024. Notably, this will be ASUTIL's inaugural presence in Colombia, signifying the organization's dedication to fostering regional integration and exploring new opportunities. Keel emphasized that the conference would celebrate ASUTIL's history while also paving the way for exciting developments in the travel retail industry.

The ASUTIL Conference is a unique platform for businesses to connect and share insights, mirroring the industry's journey as it evolves over time. It serves as the sole duty-free conference in Latin America and the Caribbean, facilitating valuable networking and collaboration among industry professionals.

Attendees can look forward to a blend of business opportunities and sentimental moments, as former Secretary General José Luis Donagaray is expected to make a special appearance. The conference promises to be a pivotal event, shaping the future of the travel retail sector in the region.