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News Travel Tourism: Morocco Earthquake ONMT Addresses Travelers and Tourism Professionals

News Travel Tourism: Morocco Earthquake ONMT Addresses Travelers and Tourism Professionals

Demonstrating that tourism is back in operation and reassuring tourists is a crucial step in revitalizing tourism in Morocco after the earthquake. Struck by an earthquake on the night of September 8th to 9th, the destination is now focused on dispelling fears among tourists and tourism professionals.

The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) has chosen to communicate through two videos on the LinkedIn social network. The first video captures testimonials from tourists who have decided to proceed with their travel plans. The second video features insights from Moroccan tourism professionals. "Today, it is important to remind the global tourism industry that our establishments are open and comply with seismic standards," reassures a hotelier. Another operator adds, "Travel agencies and the entire value chain are working tirelessly for flawless organization. All our guides continue and will continue to support and guide our tourists." The fear of a wave of cancellations, as well as the inability to secure new bookings, weighs on everyone's minds.

On Monday, the IMF announced the maintenance of its mid-October meeting in Marrakech. The decision was made after assessing the country's capacity to host the event. According to Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, canceling the event would have had a "devastating effect" on the hotel sector, as reported by local media.

This announcement is seen as a positive signal and evidence that concerns are starting to fade. The IMF has also pledged a loan of €1.3 billion to assist the country in coping with the aftermath of the earthquake.

Numerous public figures have also spoken out, urging tourists to avoid inflicting "double jeopardy" on Morocco by encouraging them not to abandon the destination.