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News Emirates: Planning Your Next Trip? Explore Dubai Airport Accessible Lounges

Planning Your Next Trip? Explore Dubai Airport Accessible Lounges

Are you a fan of pre-flight lounging? If so, this is your ultimate guide to the myriad lounges awaiting you at DXB. If you're keen on enhancing your airport experience, then Dubai Airport's lounges are your go-to solution.

No more aimless wandering outside Emirates Lounges, hoping for access (reserved for Emirates flight passengers, depending on class). Instead, discover these equally fantastic alternatives.

Dubai International Airport offers various private lounges available for a fee. Say goodbye to hurried sandwich meals and uncomfortable plastic chairs – these lounges offer plush seating, abundant food and drinks, and warm hospitality as standard.

Curious about the options? Time Out's handy guide provides all the essential details, from locations and pricing to perks. Get ready to elevate your pre-flight relaxation game.

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 1

Ahlan Business Class Lounge For those who want their Business Class experience to commence well before boarding, the Ahlan Business Class lounge is a perfect choice. It offers all the luxuries of Business Class travel in an atmosphere tailored to stylish travelers.https://uae-database-marketing.com/

  • Price: Starting from Dhs210 per person.
  • Location: Concourse D.
  • Perks: Children's play area and express spa treatments.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: 3 hours.

Marhaba Lounge DXB boasts multiple marhaba Lounges, depending on your departure terminal. Terminal 1's marhaba Lounge is an ideal spot for pre-flight rejuvenation, with an assortment of hot and cold food, beverages, and comfortable seating. You can also access sleeping rooms for a fee.

  • Price: From Dhs231 (adult), Dhs105 (child).
  • Location: Concourse D.
  • Perks: Massage chairs, children's playroom, and shower facilities (for an additional fee).
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: Passes available for 4 or 8 hours.

Sleep 'n Fly Though compact, sleep 'n fly packs a punch. These cabins may be small, but they come equipped with single or double beds for a restful pre-flight nap. With hourly pricing, you have the flexibility to choose how long you rest before your flight.

  • Price: From Dhs80 per hour, Dhs30 per extra hour during off-peak times (8am-10pm), or Dhs40 per extra hour during peak times (10pm-8am).
  • Location: Concourse D.
  • Perks: Beds, shower facilities, and USB ports for gadget charging.
  • Sleeping facilities: Yes.
  • Maximum stay: Flexible, as you pay per hour.

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 2

Marhaba Lounge Terminal 2's marhaba Lounge offers a comfortable and convenient setting to pass the time before your flight. You can even add extras like sleeping spaces or showers to your bill. This lounge is a great choice if you have ample time to spare at the airport.

  • Price: From Dhs231 (adult), Dhs105 (child).
  • Location: Opposite Duty Free.
  • Perks: Children under the age of 2 are admitted free.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: Passes available for 2, 4, or 6 hours.

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 3

Al Majlis Lounge For those who crave the utmost luxury (and don't mind splurging), the Al Majlis lounge awaits. This VIP haven offers a star-studded experience, complete with a dedicated Dubai Duty-Free outlet, separate immigration, customs and security checks, and transportation to the departure gate in a BMW Series 7 vehicle.

  • Price: Dhs2500 per adult, Dhs50 per child.
  • Location: Next to exit 4 at the Departure level.
  • Perks: A lavish VIP experience.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: Depending on needs.

Cadiz – Ahlan Lounge @ B Food enthusiasts will appreciate Cadiz - Ahlan Lounge @ B. You can board your flight with a full belly, as the lounge serves an international à la carte menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Price: From Dhs199.
  • Location: Concourse B.
  • Perks: Digital copies of international newspapers and magazines, massage chairs.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: 3 hours.

Game Space Not your typical lounge, Game Space is the region's first gaming lounge. With 40 PC gaming stations, 50-inch screens with PlayStations, and side-by-side seating for multiplayer action, it's a gamer's paradise featuring popular titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Crash Bandicoot.

  • Price: Dhs40 (30 mins for under 16's), Dhs60 (one hour for under 16's), Dhs100 (unlimited for under 16's); Dhs60 (30 mins for adults), Dhs80 (one hour for adults), Dhs180 (unlimited for adults).
  • Location: Concourse B, near Gate B27.
  • Perks: Food orders available at gaming stations.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: As long as you pay to play.

Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3 boasts two marhaba Lounges, each offering a quiet relaxation zone with reclining chairs for a quick nap. Warm hospitality and a diverse food menu await discerning travelers.

  • Price: From Dhs231 per adult or Dhs105 per child.
  • Location: Concourse A, B, and C.
  • Perks: Massage chairs (Concourse A branch), reclining chairs for sleeping (both Terminal 3 lounges), children's playrooms (Concourse A and Concourse B), and shower facilities (for an extra fee).
  • Sleeping facilities: Sort of (the relaxation zone does not offer beds or privacy but you can sleep there).
  • Maximum stay: 4 or 8 hours.

Plaza Premium Lounge Whether you're traveling for business, leisure, or a family vacation, Plaza Premium Lounge has you covered. This stylish lounge offers an array of delectable food options. For an extra cost, you can book a private room or access showers.

  • Price: Dhs260.
  • Location: Concourse A.
  • Perks: Children's area, access to printers and copiers, telephones.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: Three hours.

Their Patio Located in the Arrivals terminal, Their Patio is a comfortable co-working space with refreshments and showers available. Whether you're waiting for a connecting flight or welcoming a friend, this lounge provides a relaxing and productive atmosphere. Meeting rooms can be rented by the hour.

  • Price: Dhs130 (for two hours).
  • Location: Terminal 3, Arrivals.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: Two hours.

The Gallery by Dubai International Hotel Kickstart your journey by unwinding at The Gallery by Dubai International Hotel Lounge. Enjoy a buffet of your favorite foods before taking advantage of massage chairs and shower facilities.

  • Price: From Dhs199.
  • Location: Concourse B.
  • Perks: Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult, complimentary massage chairs.
  • Sleeping facilities: No.
  • Maximum stay: 3 hours.

Sleep 'n Fly Terminal 3 offers three sleep 'n fly branches, including a brand-new lounge. If you're in need of quality sleep, the Concourse B branch is the world's largest sleep 'n fly. It offers single and double rooms for uninterrupted rest, but you can also enjoy standard lounge facilities.

  • Price: From Dhs105 per hour.
  • Location: Concourse A, B, and C.
  • Perks: Shower facilities and unlimited Starbucks coffee (Concourse B branch).
  • Sleeping facilities: Yes, options vary per lounge.
  • Maximum stay: Flexible, as you pay per hour.

In addition to these options, some airlines provide lounges exclusively for specific travelers, so check your eligibility before arriving at the airport.