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News Emirates: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at DXB

Embrace the season of love and elevate your pre-flight experience with these delectable chocolate treats at Dubai International Airport. Whether you're traveling solo, with friends, or your beloved, there's no better way to show yourself some love than by savoring these mouthwatering chocolate delights.

Candylicious Mini Bear with Frooties at Candylicious

Looking for a sweet treat to share with your sweetheart? Head to Candylicious, where you'll discover an extensive selection of candies and chocolates. The Candylicious mini bear with Frooties (Dhs35) is a delightful choice for the season. This adorable plush toy comes with a bag of Frooties. There's even a lower-sugar option that features Belgian chocolate sweetened with Stevia, offering a guilt-free indulgence. Price: Dhs35. Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack at Tranzeet

For those who believe that chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven, the chocolate peanut butter stack at Tranzeet is a must-try. Layers of chocolate cake are artfully combined with cream, chocolate mousse, and a sweet caramel sauce. If you're a fan of layers, this dessert is sure to delight your taste buds. Price: Dhs45. Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B.

Crêpe with Nutella at Nutella Café


Morning travelers, fear not! You can still satisfy your chocolate cravings with a breakfast crêpe from Nutella Café (Terminal 3, Concourse B). This thin pancake, made with flour, egg, milk, and butter, is generously filled with Nutella and served alongside fresh berries. If you prefer a heartier option, you can opt for the pancake with Nutella, which includes three mini fluffy pancakes (Dhs29). Price: Dhs27. Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B.

Donut Burger at The Draft House

Ever wondered what happens when a burger meets a doughnut? The result is the ultimate comfort food, and The Draft House has it covered. A crunchy biscuit is transformed into a sweet patty, sandwiched between a soft doughnut, layered with banana, and smothered in melted chocolate. It's a perfect match that'll leave your taste buds craving more. Price: Dhs40. Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D.

Miso Chocolate Mousse at The Noodle House

Prepare to be surprised by the delightful pairing of miso and chocolate at The Noodle House. Three luscious chocolate mousse dollops, infused with miso, grace your plate. Adorned with gold flakes, sesame seeds, cocoa nibs, and popping candy, this dessert offers an explosion of flavors that will leave you wanting more. Price: Dhs50. Location: The Noodle House, Terminal 3, Concourse D.

Warm Brownie Sundae at The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

When the sweet tooth strikes, nothing beats a warm chocolate brownie, especially when it's crowned with fluffy whipped cream and cool vanilla ice cream. The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck offers just that. Whether enjoyed after a meal or as a standalone treat, this warm brownie sundae will sweeten the start of your journey. Price: Dhs40. Location: The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Terminal 3, Concourse D.

Indulge in these delightful chocolatey creations and make your journey from DXB a truly sweet experience.