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News Emirates: Discover the Top Lounges for Every Traveler at Dubai Airport

If you're a fan of pre-flight lounging, this is your ultimate guide to DXB. We all know that making your airport time as comfortable as possible is essential. So why not explore the various Dubai Airport lounges available to enhance your travel experience?

Gone are the days of lingering outside Emirates Lounges, hoping for access (which is reserved for Emirates flight passengers depending on their class). Instead, check out these equally fantastic options to make your layover more enjoyable.

Dubai International Airport boasts a range of private lounges that you can access for a fee. Say goodbye to takeaway sandwiches and uncomfortable plastic chairs and opt for a luxurious lounge experience with comfortable seating, culinary delights, and welcoming hospitality.


Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 1

  • Ahlan Business Class Lounge
    • Ideal for those who want to start their Business Class experience well before boarding. This lounge provides all the comforts of Business Class travel.
    • Price: Starting from Dhs210 per person.
    • Location: Concourse D.
    • Perks: Children's play area and express spa treatments.
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: Up to 3 hours.
    • Contact: ahlan-dia.com (04 505 2703).
  • marhaba Lounge
    • Located throughout DXB, marhaba Lounges offer various amenities, including hot and cold food, beverages, and comfortable seating. For those in need of a nap, sleeping rooms are available for a fee.
    • Price: Starting from Dhs231 (adult) and Dhs105 (child).
    • Location: Concourse D.
    • Perks: Massage chairs, children's playroom, and shower facilities (for an extra fee).
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: Passes for 4 or 8 hours.
    • Contact: 800 627 4222, marhabaservices.com.
  • sleep ‘n fly
    • Although compact, sleep ‘n fly cabins feature single or double beds for a quick rest before your flight. Hourly pricing offers flexibility, allowing you to choose the duration that suits your needs.
    • Price: Starting from Dhs80 per hour, with additional hourly rates during peak times.
    • Location: Concourse D.
    • Perks: Beds, shower facilities, and USB ports for gadget charging.
    • Sleeping facilities: Available.
    • Duration: Flexible, pay per hour.
    • Contact: reservations.dxb@sleep-n-fly.com (052 355 1477).

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 2

  • marhaba Lounge
    • The marhaba Lounge at Terminal 2 offers a comfortable space to recharge before your flight. You can also opt for extras like sleeping rooms or shower facilities.
    • Price: Starting from Dhs231 (adult) and Dhs105 (child).
    • Location: Opposite Duty Free.
    • Perks: Children under 2 years old enter free.
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: Passes for 2, 4, or 6 hours.
    • Contact: 800 627 4222, marhabaservices.com.

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 3

  • Al Majlis Lounge
    • For travelers who love the high life, the Al Majlis lounge is the pinnacle of VIP luxury. Enjoy VIP touches that will make you feel like a movie star.
    • Price: Dhs2500 per adult and Dhs50 per child.
    • Location: Next to exit 4 at the Departure level.
    • Perks: Dedicated Dubai Duty-Free outlet, separate immigration, customs, and security checks, plus transport to the departure gate in a BMW series 7 vehicle.
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: Depending on your needs.
    • Contact: 04 504 5196, almajlis.reservations@dubaiairports.ae.
  • Cadiz – Ahlan Lounge @ B
    • Foodies rejoice! Cadiz – Ahlan Lounge @ B offers an international à la carte menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fill up before your flight in style.
    • Price: Starting from Dhs199.
    • Location: Concourse B.
    • Perks: Digital copies of international newspapers and magazines, massage chairs.
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: Up to 3 hours.
    • Contact: dubaiintlhotels.com (04 505 2000).
  • Game Space
    • Experience something unique at Game Space, the region's first-ever gaming lounge. It features PC game stations, 50-inch screens with PlayStations, and side-by-side seating for multiplayer gaming.
    • Price: Various rates for under 16’s and adults.
    • Location: Concourse B, near Gate B27.
    • Perks: You can order food at your gaming station.
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: As long as you pay to play.
    • Contact: gamespacedxb.com.
  • Marhaba Lounge
    • Terminal 3 boasts two marhaba Lounges, each with dedicated "relax" areas furnished with reclining chairs for a quick nap. Expect warm hospitality and a menu of food to please even the pickiest eaters.
    • Price: Starting from Dhs231 per adult or Dhs105 per child.
    • Location: Concourse A, B, and C.
    • Perks: Massage chairs (Concourse A branch), reclining chairs for sleeping (both Terminal 3 lounges), children's playrooms (Concourse A and B), and shower facilities (for an extra fee).
    • Sleeping facilities: Available in relaxation zones.
    • Duration: Passes for 4 or 8 hours.
    • Contact: marhabaservices.com (800 627 4222).
  • Plaza Premium Lounge
    • Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or a family vacation, Plaza Premium Lounge caters to all. Enjoy a selection of delectable food and, if you need to catch some Zs, opt for a private room at an additional cost.
    • Price: Dhs260.
    • Location: Concourse A.
    • Perks: Children’s area, access to printers and copiers, and telephones.
    • Sleeping facilities: Not available.
    • Duration: Up to three hours.
    • Contact: plazapremiumlounge.com (04 505 7940).

Your journey through Dubai Airport just got more exciting with these accessible lounges. Whether you seek luxury, comfort, or a unique gaming experience, there's a lounge for every traveler. Enjoy your layovers to the fullest!