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News Emirates: Carrefour Introduces “Face Pay” for Grocery Shopping Leave Your Wallet Behind

News Emirates: Carrefour Introduces "Face Pay" for Grocery Shopping Leave Your Wallet Behind

Imagine shopping for groceries without your wallet; in 2023, this is becoming a reality with the integration of facial recognition technology into our daily lives.

Carrefour, the popular supermarket chain, has introduced "Face Pay" shopping in partnership with Network International. This innovative service allows Carrefour shoppers to pay for their groceries simply by smiling at the facial recognition scanner.

To get started, customers need to register their facial data using the Carrefour app or website. This convenient payment method is already available for use.

Bernardo Perloiro, Chief Operating Officer of GCC at Majid Futtaim Retail, stated, "Face verification will make it easier and more convenient for our customers to check out efficiently – without having to reach for their wallets."

This secure and seamless payment process takes just a few seconds, and Carrefour is excited to be among the first retailers to introduce this technology across the UAE, in collaboration with PopID and Network International.

Facial Recognition-Based Payments Go Live in the UAE

Network International, in partnership with Majid Al Futtaim for Carrefour UAE, has launched Face Pay, a groundbreaking biometric solution. This technology, created by PopID, is now being rolled out across the UAE, marking the first retail Face Pay payment system in the region.

In the near future, Carrefour's Face Pay system may also be linked to earning loyalty points, as PopID has successfully trialed this feature in America and Japan.

John Miller, CEO at PopID, highlighted the benefits of this technology, stating, "In America and Japan, we have demonstrated that allowing consumers to link Face Pay to loyalty accounts and payment methods enhances revenue, increases the speed of ordering and checkout, drives loyalty engagement, and reduces fraud."

He added, "We are excited to implement the platform with Carrefour and Network International in the grocery sector for the first time in this region."

As facial recognition technology continues to integrate into our daily lives, we may soon bid farewell to traditional passports, as our faces become our tickets to travel and various other services.