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News Emirates: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Tax Refund on Your Shopping in Dubai

News Emirates: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Tax Refund on Your Shopping in Dubai

Visitors to Dubai can claim a significant tax refund of up to Dhs35,000 per trip for their shopping. Since 2018, a five percent Value Added Tax (VAT) has been applied to goods and various services in the UAE, including dining, hotel stays, and more. However, tourists can't claim tax refunds on consumed items or meals. Nevertheless, when it comes to goods you're taking out of the country, like clothing, cosmetics, and gadgets, you're eligible for a refund. To ensure you can claim a tax refund when shopping in Dubai, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Request a Tax-Free Purchase

  • When making your purchase, ensure that you request a tax-free transaction.
  • Note that this is only applicable for a minimum spend of Dhs250.

Step 2: Present Your Passport

  • Your passport will need to be scanned during the process.

Step 3: Get a Tax-Free Tag

  • Ensure a tax-free tag is attached to your receipt.

How to Validate Your Receipts to Claim a Tax Refund in Dubai

After making your purchases and getting them tagged as tax-free, you'll need to validate them to claim your tax refund:

Step 1: Visit a Tax-Free Validation Desk

  • Head to a Tax-Free Validation Desk at Dubai International Airport (available at all three terminals).
  • Remember that you must visit these desks before check-in and security.
  • For travelers by sea, validation points are available at Port Rashid seaport.

Step 2: Specify Your Preferred Refund Method

  • Once validated, you need to select your preferred refund method: cash, credit card, or e-wallet.

Step 3: Continue to Your Next Destination

  • Remember that you must leave the country within 90 days of making the purchase to claim your refund.

Alternatively, you can use self-service kiosks located at Dubai Mall, Dubai International Airport, and Dubai World Central:

Step 1: Access a Self-Service Kiosk (Operated by Planet Payment)

  • Head to a self-service kiosk.

Step 2: Submit Receipts, Passport, and Credit Cards

  • Provide your receipts, passport, and credit cards.
  • Note that cash refunds are limited to Dhs10,000 per day, and you will receive 85 percent of the tax paid, minus a fee of Dhs4.80 per tax-free tag.

Step 3: Await Your Refund

  • You must leave the UAE within six hours of completing the validation process; otherwise, your refund will be canceled.