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Press Release Emirates UAE: Asghar Farhadi holds the record for Hafez statuette

Asghar Farhadi holds the record for Hafez statuette: The 22nd Hafez Awards is coming

Mansour Jahani - This fall, 22nd film and television ceremony of Picture World Magazine (Hafez Awards), the recognition of Iranian cinema and television will be held. A ceremony directed and produced by Omid Moallem and produced by Azar memarian in which Asghar Farhadi and Mehran Modiri are the record holders for receiving 9 awards, and cinematographers such as Dariush Mehrjui, Masoud Kimiai, Reza Attaran and Mohsen Tanabandeh are next in the ranking.

In addition to the mainstream works of cinema and television of Iran, Hafez Awards has always been paying attention to independent and experimental cinema, to the extent that a special "Abbas Kiarostami" award is presented to the best experimental film at the ceremony. Starting this year, the award of the best short film will be added to the collection of Hafez statuette.

Hafez Awards, the biggest cinema and television event organized by the private sector in Iran, has been held for three decades and regardless of any biased view and support, has always made cinema and television its priority. In recent years, the works of Iranian cinematographers such as Hamid Nematollah, Shahram Mokri, Saeed Roostaei, Peyman Maadi, Nima Javidi and many other influencial Iranian cinema icons have been welcomed in the Awards. Jury members of Hafez consists of writers and critics of Picture World (Donyaye Tasvir) cinema magazine, who review the works shown throughout a year.

The 22nd Hafez Awards will be held this fall and the associated news will be published in the following weeks. It should be noted this cultural event was not held last year due to the social conditions in the country.

For more details: https://www.hafezawards.com/en/