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Spa: Recharge After Your Flight in UAE

Spa Escapes: Recharge After Your Flight


Revitalizing Spa Experiences for Rejuvenation After Air Travel Rediscover your vitality and conquer post-flight weariness with these exceptional spa indulgences

The summer whirlwind has concluded – whether you've returned home, embarked on a vacation, or explored the captivating realms of Dubai, it's now time to lavish attention on those travel-weary feet upon landing at DXB.

While journeys are exhilarating, the downside of traversing the globe is that air travel can result in swelling, dehydration, and the notorious jet lag. But worry not, Dubai's exquisite spas are at your service with a selection of spa treatments designed to alleviate jet lag.

Here are 11 exquisite spa treatments that promise to reinvigorate your senses, restore your skin's hydration, and alleviate water retention and puffiness induced by air travel.

Tranquil Slumber Ritual at The Pearl Spa Transport yourself to a paradise-like retreat at the Four Seasons Dubai's opulent spa. If the aftermath of your voyage leaves you yearning for a peaceful slumber and relief from jet lag, the Tranquil Slumber Ritual is your haven. This therapy combines cupping and hands-on massage infused with sleep-inducing essential oils meticulously formulated to induce restful sleep. Surrender to the serenity as a scalp massage and foot pressure point experience prepare you for revitalizing rest. Bid adieu to jet lag. Cost: Dhs990 (90 minutes). Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah, fourseasons.com/dubaijb (04 270 7732).


Green Tea Revival at Talise Ottoman Spa For a detox post-holiday, this treatment beckons. Embark on a 60-minute detox journey commencing with a revitalizing green tea hammam experience. A traditional kese mitt polishes and massages your body, followed by a final application of a green tea mask to enhance post-flight circulation. Luxuriate in this opulent spa and emerge anew. Cost: Dhs675 (60 minutes). Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Palm Jumeirah, jumeirah.com (04 366 6818).


Revitalizing Leg Elixir at Anantara Spa Long flights and changing cabin pressures often lead to water retention. If this resonates with you, the Revitalizing Leg Elixir at Anantara The Palm is tailored to your needs. Harnessing the power of chestnut seed, arnica, and menthol extracts, this treatment alleviates heavy legs, infusing a newfound spring into your step. Cost: Dhs550 (45 minutes). Anantara The Palm Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, anantara.com (04 567 8140).


Lymphatic Rejuvenation at Blended Wellness For those prone to fluid retention during air travel, a swift visit to the elegant Blended Wellness spa on the Palm could be your savior. The Lymphatic Rejuvenation session targets bloating, fluid retention, and digestion, employing a gentle massage to stimulate lymph flow, enabling the body to naturally eliminate toxins. Cost: Dhs400 (60 minutes). DUKES The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, blendedwellness.com (058 567 6718).


Oxygenated Radiance at The Ritz-Carlton Spa The refined spa at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai presents an oxygenating body treatment recommended for parched and lackluster skin, often an aftermath of air travel. This therapy encompasses a purifying body exfoliation and wrap, followed by intensive oxygen therapy to infuse deep hydration. The result? Silky-soft skin enveloped in cream. Cost: Dhs650 (45 minutes). The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, JBR, ritzcarlton.com (04 399 4000).


Intensive Hydration at St. Regis Spa If post-flight dryness is your concern, embrace the profound hydration of this facial. Boasting a 'powerful plumping effect,' the facial employs ceramides to restore the skin's moisture barrier. Enhanced by three forms of hyaluronic acid, this treatment promotes moisture absorption and elasticity, leaving you with a radiant visage. Cost: Dhs850 (75 minutes). St. Regis Dubai Downtown, Business Bay, (04 512 5566).


Purity Rejuvenation at ReFIVE Should your skin feel congested or parched after air travel, the Purity Rejuvenation at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai is the answer. Formulated with plant essence solutions, this facial deeply cleanses to restore your skin's innate radiance, catering to imbalanced or congested complexions. Following your treatment, unwind by the rooftop pool. Cost: Dhs745 (60 minutes). FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai, palmjumeirah.fivehotelsandresorts.com (04 455 9964).


Moisture Surge at Extra Hour Spa If post-flight dehydration has set in, this ultra-nourishing facial is your oasis. Immerse your skin in intensive soothing and hydration. The treatment offers a moisture surge, replenishing dry, fatigued skin – a perfect antidote after hours in the air. Plus, its affordability at under Dhs400 makes it a desirable option. Cost: Dhs395 (60 minutes). 25hours Hotel One Central, Trade Centre Area, 25hours-hotels.com (04 210 2525).


Restorative Slumber at Sofitel Spa with L'Occitane Tailored explicitly for jet lag, this treatment awaits those fresh from a flight. A 90-minute massage commences with guided breathing techniques, coupled with a special essential oil blend. A full-body massage culminates with a facial massage utilizing a unique serum to soothe the mind and invigorate fatigued skin. Following the experience, unwind in hydrotherapy pools, steam rooms, and saunas. Cost: Dhs850 (90 minutes). Sofitel Dubai The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, sofitel-dubai-thepalm.com (04 455 6677).


Realigning Stretch at Awaken Spa At the iconic Atlantis The Palm, embark on a reinvigorating stretch to combat post-flight tension. A personalized full-body dry stretch enhances muscle group mobility. A reconditioning massage aligns your body, dissipating post-flight strain and nurturing relaxation. Cost: Dhs720 (60 minutes). Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, atlantis.com (04 426 1020).


Maximum Jetlag Recovery at Cinq Mondes Spa For those feeling drained after extended travel, the "Machine Queen" Maximum Jetlag Recovery Treatment at Cinq Mondes Spa at Raffles The Palm rejuvenates energy. A 1 hour and 45-minute treatment employs innovative technology, including lymphastim pants for lymphatic massage and the X-Wave device for vibration-induced oxygen supply acceleration. Cost: Dhs1,400. Raffles Dubai The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, raffles.com/thepalm-dubai/spa (04 248 8888).


Welnamis Anti Jet Lag at Amara Spa The captivating Park Hyatt Dubai houses a specialized anti-jet lag treatment at Amara Spa. A 30-minute massage is followed by a 30-minute Welnamis Therapy experience featuring sound and vibrations. An 'audio journey' plunges you into deep relaxation, erasing jet lag's traces. Cost: Dhs600 (60 minutes). Park Hyatt Dubai, Deira, dubaicreekresort.com (04 602 1660).

Embark on a rejuvenating journey as these luxurious spas in Dubai work their magic, revitalizing your senses and erasing the weariness of air travel.

The Pearl Spa (Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach), Talise Ottoman Spa (Jumeirah Zabeel Saray), Anantara Spa (Anantara The Palm Dubai), Blended Wellness (DUKES The Palm)

The Ritz-Carlton Spa (The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, JBR), St. Regis Spa (St. Regis Dubai Downtown), ReFIVE (FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai), Extra Hour Spa (25hours Hotel One Central), Sofitel Spa with L'Occitane (Sofitel Dubai The Palm), Awaken Spa (Atlantis The Palm), Cinq Mondes Spa (Raffles Dubai The Palm), Amara Spa (Park Hyatt Dubai)