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News Emirates: Calling all Barbie fans. Barbie is officially out in cinemas today.

News Emirates: Calling all Barbie fans. Barbie is officially out in cinemas today.

The UAE Media Council approved the screening of the Barbie movie in cinemas across the UAE last week.

So those wanting to get lost in a perfectly pink world can now book tickets. Tickets are now on sale at VOX CinemasRoxy Cinemas (which shows the film every 30 minutes) and other major UAE cinemas.

Since Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film was announced last year, Barbiecore has taken over the world, with global shortages of pink paint being reported as a result.

The Barbie film is already trending on social media with fans from around the world sharing spoilers from the film *sighs in pink*. Yep, Barbie is officially part of the global consciousness.

How to get tickets

All Dubai cinemas are showing the Barbie movie.

If you really want to be the first in the queue (dressed in pink, of course), be sure to snag those tickets as soon as possible.

Also check out our roundup of the best cinemas in Dubai, from IMAX to boutique.

After you’ve seen the Barbie film, head here

Keep the kitsch Dreamhouse vibes alive by heading to the places in Dubai where Barbie would actually hang out, from perfectly pink cafés to where she would shop.

Barbie would start her day at Secret Garden by LÉTO, which features pink decor and dishes topped with gold flakes
First on Barbie’s shopping list? Sand Dollar for a showstopper pink wardrobe

What’s the Barbie movie about?

Margot Robbie is playing the lead role with Ryan Gosling playing her opposite, Ken. Other big names in the cast include Will Ferrell, Emma Mackey and Michael Cera.

The plot follows the manicured blonde doll as she leaves her brilliantly pink Barbie Land behind to join the real world.

Originally announced back in 2009, the film began development in 2014 and Robbie was later cast in 2019. The filming largely took place in England at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden.