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News Shopping Property: Swarovski Unveils Stunning New Concept Store at Liverpool One

News Shopping Property: Swarovski Unveils Stunning New Concept Store at Liverpool One

Swarovski, the renowned luxury crystal jewelry brand, has returned to Liverpool with the opening of its standalone store at Liverpool ONE, as announced by Grosvenor.

Spanning 2,000 square feet on Peter’s Lane, this store showcases Swarovski’s innovative ‘WonderLUX’ retail concept, immersing shoppers in a world of luxury.

The interior design is a tribute to the luminous beauty of crystals, featuring metallic finishes, fluted glass, chrome, and silk accents. The iconic Swarovski Swan leads the brand's new visual identity, greeting customers in a sensory retail environment filled with exquisite jewelry and joyful crystal pieces.

The store encourages exploration and self-expression, with distinct color-blocked areas in Swarovski's signature blue shades. Octagons adorn the walls, showcasing a stunning array of products and patterns, celebrating the wonder of crystals.

Grosvenor promises that Swarovski's new store offers a world of enchanting moments for all who enter.

Inside, shoppers can discover Swarovski's classic and latest collections of high-quality jewelry and crystal pieces, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, as well as elegant watches, accessories, and home decorations.

Rob Deacon, Senior Asset Manager at Grosvenor, expressed excitement about Swarovski's return to Liverpool, highlighting the addition of their bold retail concept to Peter’s Lane and Liverpool ONE's lineup of premium retailers.

Metis and CBRE represented Liverpool ONE in the transaction, while Swarovski handled the deal directly.