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Ajmal – The Essence of the United Arab Emirates to Discover in Duty-Free News

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its refinement and a penchant for high-quality fragrances. Amidst this olfactory landscape, one brand stands out: Ajmal. Established in 1951, Ajmal is an iconic fragrance brand that embodies the very essence of the United Arab Emirates. In this article, we will delve into the history of Ajmal and guide you to the places where you can find its perfumes in duty-free shops in the United Arab Emirates.

For over seven decades, Ajmal has created exceptional perfumes that reflect the heritage and culture of the Arabian world. The brand is deeply rooted in the tradition of Oriental perfumery, combining natural ingredients and artisanal methods to craft unique compositions. Each Ajmal fragrance tells a story and evokes emotions that captivate the senses.

Ajmal offers a diverse range of perfumes for men, women, and unisex options. Whether you prefer floral, woody, spicy, or oriental scents, Ajmal has a creation to suit every olfactory preference. Iconic fragrances such as Amber Wood, Aurum, Wisal, and Sacrifice for Her have become must-haves from the brand.

For perfume enthusiasts looking to discover or rediscover Ajmal creations, duty-free shops in the United Arab Emirates provide an ideal opportunity. International airports in the UAE, such as Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), feature dedicated luxury fragrance spaces where Ajmal is often present.

By visiting duty-free stores, you can browse an exclusive selection of Ajmal perfumes. Expert fragrance advisors are available to guide and assist you in choosing the fragrance that best suits your tastes and personality. You can also find gift sets, limited edition perfumes, and body care products from the brand.

Ajmal, a revered perfume brand in the United Arab Emirates, is a must-have for luxury fragrance enthusiasts. With its unique creations and deep roots in Oriental perfumery, Ajmal offers a captivating olfactory experience. When visiting the United Arab Emirates, don't miss the opportunity to discover Ajmal in the duty-free shops of international airports, where you can choose from a diverse range of perfumes.