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News Retail Real Estate : Scotch & Soda Expands with Two New London Stores and One in Copenhagen

News Retail Real Estate : Scotch & Soda Expands with Two New London Stores and One in Copenhagen

Fashion brand Scotch & Soda is executing its retail expansion plan with the launch of two fresh outlets in London, accompanied by one in Copenhagen.

In London, you'll find the new stores at Old Spitalfields Market and a flagship branch in Covent Garden.

These inaugurations are part of the 31 stores that the brand has globally opened since the beginning of this year.

The Covent Garden flagship spans 250 square meters on Long Acre, nestled in the heart of Covent Garden. It boasts an eye-catching facade in Eclectic neo-Flemish Renaissance style, complete with a traditional Dutch gable that evokes the architectural charm of Amsterdam. The interior follows the brand's innovative "Free Spirit" store design concept, complete with its iconic bar, strategically positioned to accentuate accessories and promote a convivial atmosphere. Notable features also include a dedicated children's section and a library showcasing a curated selection of books and maps in collaboration with Stanfords, paying homage to the building's heritage.

Additionally, Scotch & Soda has introduced a new location at the Old Spitalfields Market, renowned as one of London's finest Victorian market halls and home to a diverse array of global retailers and independent brands. This 121-square-meter store features a striking red-brick facade and revamped interiors across two floors. Shoppers can explore the brand's menswear and womenswear collections, along with its accessory lines encompassing footwear, eyewear, beauty, and bodywear.

Scotch & Soda CEO Frederick Lukoff expressed, "The opening of our new stores in London and Copenhagen, two of the world's most attractive fashion retail destinations, represents an important milestone for our brand. As our retail network maintains its growth momentum, we are happy to expand our presence in these key cities, with flagships that can showcase Scotch & Soda's full universe and collections, inspired by the free spirit of Amsterdam."