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Hilton Hotel Unveils at Iconic: A New Landmark in Nice
Hilton Hotel Unveils at Iconic: A New Landmark in Nice

Hilton Hotel Unveils at Iconic: A New Landmark in Nice

Where can you enjoy a sweeping view that spans from the historic Hausmannian train station and the vibrant Thiers Post Office with its distinctive red bricks, to the rooftops of Nice leading down to the famous Promenade with the sparkling sea in the backdrop? Where can you witness the tranquil sight of cars silently gliding along Mathis Avenue and trains arriving at the station, framed by serene hills?

The answer lies atop the newly opened Hilton Hotel at Iconic in Nice.

On July 5, 2024, Nice celebrated the grand inauguration of its latest luxury addition. Following recent openings like Mama Shelter, Palais Ségurane, and Hôtel du Couvent, the Hilton at Iconic marked a significant milestone as the American chain's "30th establishment in France, and the first in Nice, following recent debuts in Cannes and Monaco," highlighted the group's CEO for France.

Serenity Amidst Urban Life

What distinguishes this hotel is its designation as a DoubleTree by Hilton, offering 105 rooms each uniquely crafted to provide a distinct view of the cityscape, meticulously designed by local artist Karine Journo. From intimate corridors adorned with canvas awnings that evoke an Italian ambiance to a fifth-floor fitness center where guests can cycle while enjoying views of a parasailer soaring past the dome of the Negresco, every detail is tailored for an extraordinary experience. Even the bar, awaiting the restaurant's opening, provides a serene setting to savor sunset views.

The most remarkable feature, however, is the tranquility that permeates the hotel. Never before has Mathis Avenue been viewed as a spectacle by the people of Nice. Yet, there's something mesmerizing about gazing out the window and observing cars glide noiselessly or trains arrive without a whisper. It's a picturesque scene, devoid of urban clamor, offering a calming retreat amidst the bustling cityscape.

A Vision Realized

Standing proudly beside the mayor, Christian Estrosi, the opening of the Hilton at Iconic marks a significant moment in the city's architectural landscape. "This building," Estrosi remarked, "not only enriches our skyline but also embodies our commitment to seamlessly integrating contemporary design with our rich cultural heritage."

Beyond its architectural significance, the Hilton at Iconic serves as a cornerstone in Nice's urban development strategy. As additional amenities such as business schools (commencing September 2), Pêche restaurant (opening September 20), Metropolitan fitness center (by year-end), and a performance venue are set to open, the hotel symbolizes the city's evolution, attracting both tourists and locals to its blend of modern luxury and historical charm.

In conclusion, the Hilton Hotel at Iconic is not merely a lodging option; it is a testament to Nice's aspiration to redefine its hospitality sector and create spaces that harmoniously blend into the city's fabric, offering residents and visitors alike an unforgettable experience.