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“Vaklush” Wins Golden Firefly for Social Justice at Cannes
"Vaklush" Wins Golden Firefly for Social Justice at Cannes

Nikolay Vassilev's documentary "Vaklush" has been awarded the Golden Firefly in the Social Justice category at the Cannes World Film Festival - Remember the Future. Spanning the years 1998 to 2022, the documentary showcases never-before-seen archival footage of the life of spiritual master Vaklush Tolev. The film’s soundtrack is composed by Theodosii Spassov, a renowned Bulgarian kaval player.

Nikolay Vassilev highlighted the festival's mission in an interview with BTA, stating that "Remember the Future" aims to discover and promote a new generation of talented filmmakers on a global scale.

"Vaklush" has been featured in 24 documentary film festivals and has won 10 awards, including four in India. The documentary has also been recognized in the United States, Switzerland, and France. Notably, it received the Best Screenplay award from the Switzerland Film Fest & Screenplay Competition, showcasing its strong narrative and cinematic excellence.

The documentary’s focus on social justice through the lens of Vaklush Tolev’s life and teachings has resonated deeply with audiences and critics, highlighting its significant impact in the documentary film genre.

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