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“The Great Animal Escape” Awarded Best Original Story at Cannes’ Remember the Future Festival
The Great Animal Escape Awarded Best Original Story at Cannes' Remember the Future Festival

Linda Harkey's "The Great Animal Escape" has been honored with the Best Original Story award at the prestigious Remember the Future World Film Festival in Cannes. This accolade recognizes Harkey's outstanding storytelling and imaginative creativity, marking a notable achievement in children's literature.

Illustrated by Jeff Yesh, "The Great Animal Escape" captivates young readers with the adventurous story of four animal friends – Lova-Bull the bull, Mud Pie the cow, Gracie the donkey, and Bernie the crow. These characters set out on a thrilling journey to avoid becoming hamburgers, showcasing themes of bravery, teamwork, and friendship. The book also includes a reading guide with questions and activities to enhance the reading experience for children.

Renowned author Linda Harkey expressed her delight and gratitude for the award, stating, "I am deeply honored and excited to receive this recognition. 'The Great Animal Escape' is a story very dear to my heart, and it's incredibly gratifying to see it resonate with audiences worldwide."

The Remember the Future World Film Festival in Cannes celebrates excellence in filmmaking and storytelling, bringing together top talents from around the world. This award for "The Great Animal Escape" underscores the importance of imaginative and impactful stories in children's literature.

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