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Elena López Riera’s ‘Southern Brides’ Receives Best Short Film Honor at Queer Palm 2024
Elena López Riera's 'Southern Brides' Receives Best Short Film Honor at Queer Palm 2024

In a celebration of inclusivity and cinematic excellence, Elena López Riera's "Southern Brides" has been awarded Best Short Film at the Queer Palm 2024. Produced by Alina Film, this collaborative effort between Swiss and Spanish filmmakers offers a thought-provoking exploration of marriage and tradition.

Directed and written by Elena López Riera, "Southern Brides" transports viewers to a world where middle-aged women share their perspectives on matrimony and sexuality. Through candid interviews and evocative imagery, the documentary delves into the complexities of love, identity, and societal expectations.

With cinematography by Elena López Riera and Alba Cros, "Southern Brides" captures the essence of a generation navigating the intersection of tradition and modernity. From stories of premarital rituals to reflections on motherhood, the film offers a compelling portrait of resilience and self-discovery.

Produced by Eugénia Mumenthaler and David Epiney, "Southern Brides" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in amplifying diverse voices and fostering empathy. As the recipient of the Queer Palm for Best Short Film, the documentary celebrates the richness of human experience and the universal quest for love and acceptance.