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ME Dubai’s Cultural Connection Exhibition To Unveil Florida-based Artist Seth Benzel’s Artwork 

ME Dubai’s Cultural Connection Exhibition To Unveil Florida-based Artist Seth Benzel’s Artwork 

Launching in January entitled ‘No Destination', Benzel aims to celebrate the unlimited power of art and its own journey through the inspirational space of Zaha Hadid

December 2023, Dubai, UAE | Welcoming the new year with renewed energy and artistry, ME Dubai Hotel continues to foray into the art realm as it sets to unveil its first “Cultural Connection” initiative for 2024 in collaboration with Florida-based artist and art gallery owner Seth Benzel.

Aptly titled “No Destination," Seth draws inspiration from his artistic and creative journey and captures the essence of artistic evolution and the unpredictable yet exhilarating journey that artists embark upon. The exhibition is a reflection of Benzel's own artistic path, drawing parallels between the creative process and life's continuous development. Perhaps his most personal collection of artwork to date, Seth’s exhibition is heavily motivated and inspired by his father, John Benzel, whose architectural and artistic background as a painter motivated Seth’s creative passion and zest.

Creating a symbiotic synthesis of Zaha Hadid’s architectural marvel and the exhibition’s juxtaposition of colours and strokes, Seth Benzel has created new and bespoke artwork to celebrate the culmination of the two worlds for his Cultural Connection residency. Embracing his 10th year in Dubai, Seth’s exhibition is proudly taking place in the stunning ME Dubai Hotel Level 3 gallery, which encapsulates the growth and emergence of Dubai as a cultural epicentre and global hub for creativity.

Speaking on his latest collection, Seth Benzel said, “Dubai is the place now where anything can happen, and we are building an artistic identity for the city as we speak. I aim to be a part of this growth in an authentic way that speaks both to the rich cultural history of the UAE and also to its emergence as a melting pot of international influence and connectivity.”

Set to be unveiled on January 12th, guests, visitors, and art connoisseurs are invited to explore the hotel’s creative space and be immersed in Seth Benzel’s captivating world, promising to be a visual and emotional journey that draws viewers to connect with the artist's narrative and the evolving landscape of Dubai's artistic identity.