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News Travel Tourism: Discoveries in Paris: Hotels, Experiences, and Museums Reaching New Heights

New Discoveries in Paris: Hotels, Experiences, and Museums Reaching New Heights

Paris continually unveils captivating experiences for visitors. Among the latest additions, Laho stands out, situated just a stone's throw away from Gare de Lyon, acclaimed as the city's premier rooftop destination for witnessing breathtaking sunsets. Its location offers a sumptuous panoramic view of the capital that never fails to impress.

The competition for awe-inspiring vistas is fierce, with notable contenders including the highly popular Too Hotel and its Tac Tac Skybar, masterfully designed by Philippe Starck. Another contender is the enchanting suspended garden at Madame Rêve, nestled in the heart of Paris, along with the stylish Germanopratin bar at the Hôtel de la Dame Arts. Additionally, Dar Mima, a rooftop restaurant atop the Institut du Monde Arabe, has recently made its debut through a collaboration between Jamel Debbouze and Paris Society. Lastly, don't miss the appropriately named Bar on the Roof at the brand-new Le Fantaisie Hotel, located in the 9th arrondissement. These enticing rooftop destinations are sure to elevate your Parisian experience.