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London Heathrow Airport Four Retail Pillars: Digital, Experience, Space, and Offer

London Heathrow Airport Four Retail Pillars: Digital, Experience, Space, and Offer

London Heathrow Airport has experienced a robust recovery, with passenger numbers nearing the 81 million handled in 2019, making it one of the best-connected airports globally, according to OAG statistics. Fraser Brown, Retail Director, highlighted Heathrow's continued focus on four key retail pillars: Digital, Experience, Space, and Offer.

  1. Digital: Brown emphasized the significance of digital solutions, which serve multiple purposes, including pre-engagement with passengers and addressing capacity constraints. Heathrow, despite being the world's largest airport with only two runways, uses digital technology to expand its offerings when physical space is limited.
  2. Space: Intelligent space utilization is a priority at Heathrow. The airport leverages digital tools to create virtual space efficiently. Efficient use of physical and virtual space is crucial to enhancing the passenger experience.
  3. Experience: Heathrow aims to provide the best airport service globally. With high foot traffic, the airport has a unique advantage in terms of retail. The challenge and opportunity lie in building an exceptional and memorable passenger experience.
  4. Offer: A critical aspect of retail success at Heathrow is ensuring the right product range and assortment for passengers. The availability of exclusives and tailored offerings plays a significant role in attracting and satisfying customers.

Brown also stressed the importance of collaboration between the four key stakeholders: the airport, brands, retailers, and media partners. He emphasized that designing experiences with the passenger needs and preferences at the forefront, rather than just focusing on financial gains, will lead to long-term success for all parties involved. The emphasis on this "quaternity" of stakeholders ensures a holistic approach to delivering a satisfying and memorable airport retail experience.