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News Travel Tourism: Disneyland Paris, B&B Hotels, and Atream Join Forces with the France Tourisme Alliance

Disneyland Paris, B&B Hotels, and Atream Join Forces with the France Tourisme Alliance

The France Tourisme Alliance is delighted to announce the inclusion of three esteemed giants in the tourism industry within its consortium. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the Alliance's quest to bolster its influence and offerings, while bringing together diverse expertise from key industry players. The new additions to the France Tourisme Alliance family include Atream, B&B Hotels, and Disneyland Paris.

B&B Hotels, renowned as the second-largest budget hotel chain across Europe, stands out as a true hospitality powerhouse. With an extensive network of 730 hotels spread across 15 different countries, they have successfully mastered the art of providing cost-effective yet comfortable accommodations for travelers far and wide. This impressive footprint cements their status as a pivotal player in the realm of budget-friendly hospitality.

On the other hand, Disneyland Paris, a name synonymous with unparalleled entertainment and unforgettable experiences, stands tall as the premier European tourist destination. Ever since its inception, it has enchanted and captivated the hearts of over 375 million visitors, offering a magical escape into the realm of imagination, adventure, and dreams. As a cherished part of the France Tourisme Alliance, Disneyland Paris brings its enchanting world to an even wider audience.

Completing this trio is Atream, an independent asset management firm specializing in real estate assets and funds. Their adeptness in overseeing a vast portfolio, valued at over 4 billion euros, places them as a key contributor to the Alliance's overall strength and capabilities. With a focus on managing and optimizing real estate assets, Atream ensures that the Alliance's offerings are not just diverse but also financially sound.

The addition of these three prominent players underscores the France Tourisme Alliance's commitment to providing an array of top-tier services and experiences for tourists and travelers exploring the beauty of France. This partnership showcases the unity of vision and purpose among industry leaders, ultimately enhancing the quality and diversity of offerings available to those seeking memorable and enjoyable journeys through the French landscape. As the Alliance continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to exceeding the expectations of travelers worldwide, promising unparalleled experiences and unmatched value.