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News Emirates: Leading Sustainable UAE Brands A Green Revolution

News Emirates: Leading Sustainable UAE Brands A Green Revolution

Sustainability is the buzzword of our time, and the UAE is home to several homegrown brands that are making waves globally in the field of sustainability. Here are some pioneering brands you need to know about:


  1. Kibsons: When it comes to sustainable grocery shopping, Kibsons offers plastic-free fresh produce delivered in boxes, which they collect with your next order. kibsons.com/en
  2. La Brocante: A treasure trove of pre-loved furniture and home décor in Al Quoz, curated for quality and authenticity. They host weekend pop-up events that blend shopping with entertainment. @labrocantedxb
  3. Liwa: Liwa offers skincare products made from camel milk. Handmade soaps with all-natural ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and recyclable packaging. theliwa.com
  4. Natrl Water: Natrl Water provides bag-in-box water with reduced plastic packaging. Zero carbon footprint shipping from New Zealand and 90% less plastic than other natural mineral water options. natrllife.com
  5. Rooted Regimen: Cleaning sustainably with non-toxic products. Rooted Regimen's offerings use 100% plant and mineral-based ingredients in 100% recyclable bottles. rootedregimen.com
  6. Retold: A second-hand shop for designer brands and high-street wear. Carefully curated items make sustainable fashion more accessible. shopretold.com
  7. Ripe Organic Shop: Reducing plastic waste with organic produce available without plastic packaging. Ideal for zero-waste shoppers. ripeme.com
  8. Toyshare: Toyshare promotes a "Play. Learn. Share" culture by allowing families to borrow pre-used books and toys. A sustainable approach to playtime that reduces plastic waste. Download the Toyshare app from the App Store and Google Play.
  9. The Green Ecostore: An e-commerce store offering zero-waste essentials in Dubai. Find plastic-free cleaning tools, reusable products, and eco-friendly containers. thegreenecostore.com
  10. Thrift for Good: Shopping at Thrift for Good not only benefits the environment but also supports charity. All proceeds are donated to SOS Children’s Villages Kyrgyzstan, in partnership with Gulf for Good. You can shop vintage and second-hand items at their locations in Golden Mile Galleria and Time Square Center. thriftforgood.org
  11. THRYVE: A home-grown plant-based meat brand using fava beans to create eco-friendly meat alternatives. Reducing water usage and emissions, THRYVE offers sustainable food options.

Abu Dhabi:

  1. Al Ain Water: Al Ain Water is a pioneer in sustainable practices, offering 100% plant-based, biodegradable, and compostable water bottles. They've also introduced the region's first locally produced water bottle made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), reducing waste and energy consumption. alainwater.com
  2. Desert Board: Desert Board has developed Palm Strand Board (PBS), a building product made from date palm waste. This zero-formaldehyde board contributes to eco-friendly construction.
  3. Masdar City: A groundbreaking sustainable urban development in Abu Dhabi. Masdar City aims to be a zero-carbon development powered entirely by renewable energy, setting a global benchmark for green cities. masdarcity.ae
  4. Switch Foods: Abu Dhabi's first plant-based meat factory, Switch Foods, produces GMO-free, soy-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, and halal-certified products. It offers sustainable food choices with lower carbon footprints.

These homegrown UAE brands are making significant contributions to sustainability across various sectors, from food and fashion to construction and urban planning. Join the green revolution and support these eco-conscious brands for a more sustainable future.