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Top 22 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Dubai

Top 22 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Dubai

Explore the finest healthy meal delivery services in Dubai:

77 Veggie Catering For vegans and vegetable enthusiasts, 77 Veggie Catering provides vegetarian and vegan meals designed for fitness and weight loss. Prepared with minimal olive oil, using preservative-free ingredients and Himalayan salts, their curated meals are crafted by nutritionists and skilled chefs. Plans include weight loss, detox, and workout options, starting at Dhs100 per day for the 90-day plan. Visit 77veggie.com. Sample Dish: Grilled vegetable vegan burrito bowl with pesto green rice.

Colour My Plate Founded by a clinical nutritionist, Colour My Plate offers a diverse range of plans tailored to various food allergies and intolerances. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, available up to seven days a week, cover gluten-free, paleo, low-FODMAP, vegan, and more. Plans range from Dhs1,500 to Dhs4,508. Visit colourmyplate.ae. Sample Dish: Honey pineapple chicken with brown rice.

Curry Fit Blending Indian and Asian flavors with a focus on health, Curry Fit provides meal plans catering to different dietary needs, such as keto, balanced meals, athletic, and new mothers. Using quality ingredients, they ensure meals are both delicious and well-balanced. Customizable plans allow for personalized choices. Visit curryfit.com. Sample Dish: Keto subzi makhani with coconut jeera roti.

Dubai Eat Well Operated by the Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, Dubai Eat Well offers diverse packages ranging from weight loss and athlete plans to diabetic options. Plans can be adjusted for paleo or vegan preferences. Prices start at Dhs2,500 per month for 20 days, up to Dhs3,550 for a full meal plan including three meals and two snacks daily. Visit dubaieatwell.com. Sample Dish: Crisp duck confit.

Eat Clean Me Eat Clean Me embraces holistic wellness, combining weekly massages with meal deliveries and contributing to tree-planting charities for every plan sold. With flexible duration and frequency options, they offer free trials as well. Visit eatcleanme.com. Sample Dish: Blackened shrimp bowl.

Fitbar Fitbar presents lean, clean, and mean meal options catering to goals of bulking up, maintaining health, or weight loss. With vegan and keto choices, their meals are designed to be visually appealing and flavorful. Visit fitbar.ae. Sample Dish: Chicken and Pineapple Satay Skewers with Rainbow salad.

Hello Chef Hello Chef offers a unique concept, providing ingredients and original recipes for customers to cook home-cooked meals themselves. From seabass to hazelnuts, their meals encourage kitchen skills and convenience. Visit hellochef.me. Sample Dish: Seabass with crunchy hazelnuts, green beans, and cherry tomatoes.

iDiet iDiet offers a variety of diet plans, tailored to different needs, including juice detoxes, keto plans, and meals for mothers. Following a nutritionist consultation, meals are delivered, and an app tracks intake. Plans range from half-board to full-board. Visit diet.ae. Sample Dish: Paella.

Jet Lagged Chef Jet Lagged Chef introduces a unique approach by including barcodes on meals for easy nutrient tracking via smartphone. The service provides recipes and shares exclusive content online for subscribers. With options like pesto chicken and salmon salad, plans are available for around Dhs2100 for five nights a week. Visit jetlagged-chef.com. Sample Dish: Pesto chicken or salmon salad with bulgur wheat and greens.

Kcal As a prominent meal delivery service, Kcal offers a wide range of plans customizable for diets and lifestyles. With a decade of experience, they offer single meals, monthly plans, and nutritional consultations. Visit kcallife.com. Sample Dish: Napolitan stuffed chicken.

Lifter Life Affiliated with the Jumeirah restaurant, Lifter Life offers meal plans with precise calorie counts to match specific goals, whether bulking up or cutting back. Plans range from Dhs2,480 to Dhs4,564 based on frequency and quantity. Visit lifter-life.ae. Sample Dish: Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps.

Low Calories Low Calories provides a personalized meal plan after an initial assessment. With meat, chicken, or plant-based options, their meals come with macros and calorie counts. Visit lowcalories.ae. Sample Dish: Bean burrito.

Mealplans.ae Mealplans.ae emphasizes nutrition, taste, convenience, and premium ingredients at accessible prices. With a focus on community and healthy habits, they've reduced prices by 10%. Plans start at Dhs125 per day, offering up to three meals and two snacks daily. Visit mealplans.ae. Sample Dish: Turmeric Salmon Filet with oven-roasted Zucchini.

Meals On Me Meals On Me offers an extensive menu with up to 30 meal choices per day. Catering to keto, vegetarian, and vegan preferences, they provide Arabic, Indian, and International cuisines. Visit hellomealsonme.com. Sample Dish: Paprika olive oil chicken with smashed guacamole and veggies.

Munchbox Munchbox delivers calorie-counted and dietary-controlled snack boxes, providing a healthier alternative to common office snacks. These snacks are designed to complement meals and offer a satisfying upgrade. Visit munchbox.ae. Sample Dish: Wasabi cashews and beetroot crisps.

Nafas Beirut Nafas Beirut brings authentic Lebanese flavors to their meal plans. Choose from lunch, dinner, or family packages, experiencing the taste of Lebanon delivered to your doorstep. Visit mealplans.nafasbeirut.me. Sample Dish: Moghrabieh chicken.

Right Bite Right Bite offers meal plans and healthy grocery deliveries, tailored to individual needs. With set menus catering to specific requirements, they also offer corporate partnerships for promoting healthy lifestyles. Visit rightbite.com. Sample Dish: Chicken tawook platter served with grilled tomatoes, spiced potatoes, and hummus.

Smith Street Smith Street specializes in paleo cuisine, offering meals rich in fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables. Their plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, with prices ranging from Dhs500 to Dhs2,400 per month. Visit smithstpaleo.com. Sample Dish: Pulled BBQ chicken with sweet potato.

The Cycle Bistro Cycling-themed cafe The Cycle Bistro delivers paleo meals designed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While offering fewer plan varieties, their attention to dish selection ensures a controlled and delicious paleo experience. Visit thecyclebistro.com. Sample Dish: Ribeye asada.

PrepHero PrepHero offers a range of meal types, including international, gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan options. Goal-based plans of performance or gain are also available. Visit myprephero.com. Sample Dish: Honey mustard salmon with snow peas, carrots, and lemon garlic vinaigrette.

Pura Pura eliminates guesswork by offering nutritionist-designed meal plans that align with dietary goals. Providing options without gluten, egg, nuts, milk, sugar, and seafood, Pura's plans start at Dhs2,300 for a month of food. Visit pura.ae. Sample Dish: Turkey Bolognese with penne.

Zerofat Zerofat, a UAE-wide chain, delivers Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine dishes as part of its strengthening and Keto packages. Choose from daily meals for a month. Visit zerofat.ae.

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